Mandatory Energy Management Practices for New Industrial Facilities

Energy Performance Measurement for New Ventures

Energy Performance Measurement for New Ventures

An owner of a New Venture (a new business activity or major expansion of any existing business activity) facility is advised to plan for and install meters and instruments at design and construction phases to measure:

  1. Total energy consumption of the New Venture facility; and
  2. Energy consumption and intended output of key energy-consuming systems that account for at least 80% of the New Venture facility’s annual energy consumption. 
  • When the New Venture becomes a relevant business activity under the Energy Conservation Act:

    The registered corporation with operational control over the relevant business activity is required to report the following in the annual submission of the Energy Use Report
  1. the quantity of each type of fuel or energy commodity used for the purposes of producing or providing energy in respect of the business activity, during the calendar year covered by the report, expressed as a measured value; and
  2. the quantity of the annual energy consumption, intended output and specific energy consumption figures of the energy-consuming systems as measured values, the aggregate energy consumption of which is at least 80% of the total energy consumption of the business activity

Find out more about the Energy Peformance Measurement requirements under the Energy Conservation (Energy Management Practices) Regulations 2013.

Eligibility to Report Measured Values in Energy Use Report

An owner of a New Venture that applies for Planning Permission on or after 1 October 2018 will have to comply with the above requirements if the business activity-

  1. is carried out at a single site and is attributable to one of the following industry sectors:
    • manufacturing and manufacturing‑related services;
    • supply of electricity, gas, steam, compressed air and chilled water for air‑conditioning; and
    • water supply and sewage and waste management.


  2. will have an estimated Annual Energy Consumption (AEC) ≥ 54 TJ, that is calculated on the basis that the business activity is carried out at full capacity for 24 hours every day throughout the calendar year.

    Click here for more details on the estimated AEC.