Guidelines for Building Plan Submission

Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP)

Application for TOP clearance

  1. For any completed development, Qualified Persons (QPs) are required to inspect and confirm that building works related to environmental health (EH) and pollution control (PC) have been completed in accordance with the approved building plans.
  2. Once completed, QPs shall use the TOP form to apply for TOP clearance from NEA's Development Control Department (DCD).
  3. DCD will arrange with the QPs to carry out site inspection of the completed works, if necessary. Alternatively, DCD may request for photographs or videos of the completed onsite works to be submitted.
  4. Should there be any dispute on the compliance with environmental requirements at TOP stage, the QPs may seek clarifications from DCD.
  5. DCD will issue TOP clearance after works are found to be in order. QP are reminded that non-compliance may result in delay to the clearance process.