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Protecting the environment is the responsibility of everyone in the community. We can do this by leading eco-friendly lifestyles, and by taking ownership of our living environment. Our environment volunteers  play a key role in our efforts to harness local knowledge and co-create solutions, and in encouraging Singaporeans to keep our city clean and livable.

You can make a difference by being an environment volunteer. NEA offers a variety of volunteer opportunities: participating in events to promote environmental awareness and conservation, beautifying our community spaces, and garnering support for ground-up environmental projects. No effort is ever too small.

How can you contribute?

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Dengue prevention

“I’m happy to note that the number of dengue prevention volunteers has grown, and being part of the larger group makes me realise that I’m not fighting dengue alone. Together, we hope to eradicate dengue!” 
– Ms Joanna Portilla

Volunteers play an important role in dengue prevention through household visits, where residents are reminded to stay vigilant, and to remove sources of stagnant water. If you would like to play a part in dengue prevention, consider joining us as a volunteer.

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Keeping Singapore clean (public cleanliness)

“It’s a moral civic duty to keep our public spaces clean – it’s a matter of national pride.” – Mr Tan Ken Jin 

Our volunteers are passionate about keeping Singapore clean and green. If you would like to join us at public cleanliness events in your neighbourhood, consider signing up as a volunteer.

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Resource conservation

If you have a passion for promoting sustainable living and resource conservation, consider joining us as a volunteer to raise public awareness on the 3Rs within the community.

Our volunteers

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Mr Victor Lee Hong Zhi

Mr Victor Lee attended the 21st run of the NEA Youth Environmental Envoy (YEE) programme in March 2012. The YEE programme was initiated to groom a network of youths to become leaders and change agents in moving their peers and the community towards environmental ownership and sustainability.

Since the programme, Mr Lee has hosted and facilitated numerous environment-related workshops as the President of SMU Verts, an environment club in Singapore Management University (SMU). Mr Lee believes in living by example, and advocates others to be more environmentally responsible consumers by reading the product labels.

He says: “I believe in the power of involvement through dialogues and I see the need to remind others to be conscious of their everyday consumer choices. There is only one Earth, and our resources are limited.”

More details on the NEA Youth Environmental Programmes here

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Mr Lim Kee Cheng and Cleon Lim

For the residents of Woodlands Zone 2 RC, Mr Lim Kee Cheng and his son, Cleon Lim, are familiar faces. The father and son are part of NEA’s 4,500 volunteers trained in dengue prevention, and are regulars at house visits to educate residents in their neighbourhood on dengue prevention. Eleven-year-old Cleon Lim started volunteering with his father about two years ago, and is now able to distribute flyers and  interact with residents confidently with little help. 

At community events, Cleon enjoys manning NEA’s dengue information booth, where he facilitates the interactive games and shares dengue prevention tips with residents. The young dengue fighter also encourages his peers to be involved in the dengue prevention. “If I notice any stagnant water around their homes when I visit, I’ll point it out to them,” he says.

Mr Lim hopes Cleon will follow in his footsteps and continue to be active in helping the community. “Children can contribute towards dengue prevention,” Mr Lim says. “In fact, whether you are young or old, everyone has a role to play in the fight against dengue.” 

“I’ll encourage more people to sign up to be a Dengue Prevention Volunteer so that every household can be reached with the dengue prevention message,” he adds.

Opportunities for volunteering

If you believe in making a difference to the community and improving our environment, please contact us at 1800 CALL NEA (1800 -225 5632) or register at