Port Health


The Port & Airport Health Unit (Port Health) plays a key role in preventing the introduction of infectious diseases into Singapore. This is achieved through rigorous surveillance and control processes at the points of entry.

At the points of entry, Port Health works together with the relevant authorities to manage inbound health clearance for:
i) cases of death on board vessels
ii) coffin permit

A large portion of the work in Port Health involves working with the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) to manage the inbound health clearance and quarantine of vessels at the sea port. These processes regulate and control the arrival of vessels from plague-infected countries, and vessels on which crew members are ill or have died.

Port Health also assesses ship sanitation standards and issues Ship Sanitation Certificates (SSCs) that include Ship Sanitation Control Exemption Certificate (SSCEC) and Ship Sanitation Control Certificate (SSCC), in accordance with International Health Regulations (IHR) 2005.

Port Health issues the following permits and certificates, which can be applied for online at the links below.

Due to an urgent maintenance, the NEA eService for Ship Sanitation Certificate (SSC) application system will be unavailable from 6 Mar 2020 (Fri, 6.00pm) to 8 Mar 2020 (Sun, 10.00am). Applicants of SSC can download the attached manual Ship Sanitation Certificates application form and email or fax the completed form to Port Health office for processing during the affected period. Thank you.

Fax: 62228543
Email: port_health_cro@nea.gov.sg

For enquiry, please call Port Health office at: 6222 2585. Thank you.

The import and export of animals (domestic pets, livestock) comes under the purview of the Animal & Veterinary Service (AVS) under the National Parks Board (NParks).