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Tune in to our podcast series to learn more about how NEA ensures a clean and sustainable environment for Singapore.

Safe Distancing with a SG Clean Ambassador 
Gowtham is a cancer researcher by day and a SG Clean Ambassador by– well, when COVID-19 strikes. He tells our host Azlan how his PhD in infectious diseases came in handy when convincing an auntie that mask-wearing is crucial to staying safe, and shares a special message of encouragement for our listeners at the end of the episode.

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COVID-19 Disinfection Ops 
Officers from NEA’s Department of Public Cleanliness Khairul and Kumaran, have known the ins and outs of decontamination before COVID-19 even hit. They share with our host, Noel, what it is like to put their training and knowledge into practice, while out distributing cleaning kits to families of COVID-19 cases and helping to keep our spaces virus-free.

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Aspiring Hawker: Carmal from Mad Bros SG
Carmal runs Mad Bros SG, selling halal ramen at a local hawker centre. He shares with our host Noel about the journey he took to become a hawker, and how he is coping with the sudden COVID-19 pandemic that has affected a lot of businesses.

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Profile Feature: JJ Simon
Mr Jonah Joshua Simon, former Head of Waste Collection Department, shares about his experiences working in Ministry of the Environment (ENV) and NEA over the past 47 years. From receiving the bodies of Spyros Disaster victims in 1978 as a young officer, to telling Singapore’s first Chief Minister David Marshall off for smoking, he also acted as a prosecutor, a liaison to heads of state and a Dinner & Dance organiser at different points in his life.

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In Deep Waste(water)
Mr Dzulkhairul Maliki (Dzul) and Mr Tay Jiun Teng are #NEAofficers from the Wastewater Surveillance Team. Hear from them about how their team was formed quickly in the face of the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, and the challenges of suiting up to help keep Singapore safe.

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