Who We Are

Our Purpose

Vision, mission, and core values

Our vision

A clean environment, towards a liveable and sustainable Singapore. 

Our mission

To ensure a clean and sustainable environment for Singapore, together with our partners and the community. 


  • Maintaining a high standard of public health
  • Improving and sustaining a clean environment
  • Providing up-to-date and reliable weather information services
  • Promoting resource efficiency and conservation, in collaboration with our partners and community

Our core values


Our logo

The NEA logo and tagline reflects its new organisational outlook, of becoming forward-looking and future-ready.

nea logo


The arrow-shaped motifs represent the environment around us. They signify our responsiveness and effectiveness in addressing Singapore's environmental opportunities and challenges. The arrows also signify our continuous commitment to building a society with strong ownership of the environment.


The typeface is bold, signifying NEA's role in safeguarding the environment through high regulatory standards. Though bold, the font is reader-friendly, to demonstrate NEA’s increased emphasis towards community action, partnerships, and inclusiveness.


The shades of green represent Singapore’s clean environment with high public health standards, while the shades of blue represent NEA's foresight and commitment towards safeguarding the environment. Orange signifies the future generations’ optimism and enthusiasm towards environmental goals.

NEA's tagline

The tagline, "Safeguard, Nurture, and Cherish" is a call to action to:

  1. Safeguard Singapore’s environment and maintain high standards of cleanliness and public health
  2. Nurture an eco-friendly culture in every generation
  3. Cherish our beautiful, clean, and green environment for present and future generations