Groups and Divisions

Environmental Protection: Groups and Divisions

Clean Environment Group
The Clean Environment Group (CEG) is responsible for pollution control, from front-end development control & licensing work to downstream environmental monitoring and hazardous substance control.Development Control and Licensing Division
The Development Control and Licensing Division (DCLD) is responsible for the planning control of new developments through proper land use planning, judicious siting of industries, vetting of development control and building plans and inspection of completed developments for compliance with pollution control and environmental health requirements.

Environmental Monitoring and Modelling Division
The Environmental Monitoring and Modelling Division (EMMD) monitors the ambient air quality and the quality of water bodies in Singapore.

Pollution Control 1 Division
The Pollution Control 1 Division (PCD1) is responsible for the control of air and water pollution, hazardous substances and toxic industrial wastes.

Pollution Control 2 Division
The Pollution Control 2 Division (PCD2) is responsible for the formulation and implementation of operational policies to support pollution control requirements, and the development of joint programmes on transboundary pollution with  neighbouring countries. It also regulates the noise level at construction sites, and ensures that vehicular emissions are within the permissible limits.
Infrastructure and Engineering Group
The Infrastructure and Engineering Group (IEG) is responsible for all infrastructure planning and development in NEA, and serves as NEA’s engineering centre of excellence for waste management facilities, hawker centres and after-death facilities.
Building and Engineering Services Division
The Building and Engineering Services Division (BESD) oversees infrastructure planning, design, development and facility management of hawker centres and after-death facilities. 

Waste Infrastructure Operations and Management Division
The Waste infrastructure Operations and Management Division (WIOMD) oversees the operation and maintenance of all NEA waste management infrastructure.  WIOMD also manages privately-operated waste-to-energy (WTE) plants under Public Private Partnership (PPP) schemes.  

Integrated Waste Management Facility Division
The Integrated Waste Management Facility Division (IWMFD) oversees the engineering design, construction and commissioning of the IWMF, which comprises a 5,800 tonnes/day Waste-to-Energy Facility, a 800 tonnes/day Sludge Incineration Facility, a 400 tonnes/day Food Waste Treatment Facility and a 250 tonnes/day Materials Recovery Facility, to process multiple waste streams for higher resource and energy recovery while reducing its environmental and land use footprint.

Waste Infrastructure and Engineering Division
The Waste Infrastructure and Engineering Division (WIED) oversees the planning, engineering design and development of all NEA waste management infrastructure. 
Resource and Sustainability Group 
The Resource and Sustainability Group (RSG) is responsible for promoting environmental sustainability.  The divisions under RSG implement regulations, programs and incentives that serve to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, ensure a sustainable waste-to-resource management system, and enhance resource efficiency in the people, public and private sectors. Carbon Mitigation Division
The Carbon Mitigation Division (CMD) administers the Energy Conservation Act and the Carbon Pricing Act to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions from the industry and household sectors. CMD promotes greenhouse gas mitigation in the industry sector  through the Resource Efficiency Grant for Energy. CMD also compiles Singapore’s national inventory of greenhouse gas emissions, manages projects that mitigate such emissions from the public sector, participates constructively in regional and international fora to advance global efforts on climate change and energy efficiency and will explore the linking of the carbon tax framework to external carbon markets where feasible.

Sustainability Division
The Sustainability Division (SD) plans, strategises and develops initiatives to drive resource conservation and environmental sustainability across the public, private and people sectors. It develops programmes, coordinates and administers incentive schemes, and builds capability to support this drive. It also coordinates efforts within NEA for the organisation and its staff to play its own part in the nationwide effort.

Waste Management Division
The Waste Management Division (WMD) is responsible for the regulation of the waste collection industry, the Public Waste Collection scheme, general waste disposal facilities, the Extended Producer Responsibility and Mandatory Waste Reporting schemes. Through these programmes, WMD aims to achieve an efficient and sustainable waste-to-resource management system in Singapore. It also enforces against illegal dumping activities.