Groups and Divisions

Meteorological Service Singapore: Divisions

Business and Strategy Division
The Business & Strategy Division (BSD) manages corporate affairs and provides strategic support for MSS. The division is responsible for  strategic planning, international relations and partnerships, customer relationship management including contracts, facility management, outreach and events.
Centre for Climate Research Singapore 
The Centre for Climate Research Singapore (CCRS) undertakes research to advance scientific understanding  of tropical climate variability and change affecting Singapore and the wider Southeast Asia region. The Centre’s focus areas cover climate modelling and prediction, seasonal and sub-seasonal prediction, weather modelling development and applications,  and the delivery of research to operations.
Meteorological Observations and Systems Division 
The Meteorological Observations & Systems Division (MOSD) implements, and maintains a comprehensive network of specialised meteorological observing systems and applications to support operational weather forecasting and the provision of meteorological services. MOSD also undertakes weather observation practices in accordance with international standards, and manages the long-term archive and quality control of national climate data.  
Weather Services Division
The Weather Services Division (WSD) delivers national weather assessments, forecasts, warnings, and hazard monitoring services for civil aviation, military, maritime, government agencies, businesses and the general public. The division also undertakes applications development work to meet customer requirements, by leveraging computer weather prediction models, advanced weather monitoring systems and data analytics technologies to support the division’s core services.