Groups and Divisions

Policy, Corporate and Technology: Groups and Divisions

Corporate Services Group
The Corporate Service Group (CSG) provides staff and corporate support services that enable effective and efficient operations, ensure strong governance and help build capabilities and capacity for long term sustainability. Finance Division
The Finance Division (FD) formulates and implements financial policies and procedures for NEA. It ensures optimal deployment of financial resources across the organisation to achieve NEA’s mission and goals effectively. As Business Partners, it provides financial advisory and works hand-in-hand with its internal stakeholders to execute operations efficiently. 

Human Resource and Organisation Development Division
The Human Resource and Organisation Development Division (HRODD) builds organisational capability and achieves organisational excellence through the development and implementation of human capital initiatives and programmes. HRODD partners the Unions and Divisions to achieve NEA’s business priorities with an agile, engaged and future-ready workforce. Key initiatives include Strategic Workforce Planning and Transformation, Leadership and Culture Development, Talent Management, Employee Relations and Engagement, and HR Digitalisation.

Procurement Policy and Services Division
The Procurement Policy and Services Division (PPSD) ensures the integrity of NEA’s procurement process. PPSD establishes, implements and oversees the procurement policies and frameworks within NEA. It also serves as the Business Partner to NEA’s Divisions and Departments (HQ) to support their business needs and provide procurement advisories in ensuring the standards of integrity are maintained throughout the procurement value chain.

Singapore Environment Institute
The Singapore Environment Institute (SEI) is the training and knowledge management division responsible for delivering in-house training to build an agile, resourceful and resilient NEA workforce. SEI also oversees NEA’s knowledge management initiatives and records management practices. SEI works with institutes of higher learning to develop training programmes for local environmental services industry. The Institute also conducts capacity building workshops catering to selected foreign government officials.
Hawker Centres Group
The Hawker Centres Group (HCG) endeavours to enhance our hawker centres as clean and vibrant social spaces that bond the community, ensure the availability of affordable and accessible food options for Singaporeans, and safeguard our hawker culture.  To this end, the Group undertakes the formulation of hawker-related policies and active management of existing and new hawker centres in Singapore. Tenancy Management Division
The Tenancy Management Division (TMD) manages the stall tenancies of NEA-managed hawker centres and oversees the facilities and cleaning operations of MSE-owned hawker centres.  

Policy, Programmes and Engagement Division
The Policy, Programmes and Engagement Division (PPED) formulates and reviews policies that support the hawker trade and culture, and develops programmes to ensure that hawker centres continue to be clean and vibrant community dining rooms and social spaces.  

Operator Management Division
The Operator Management Division (OMD) oversees the end-to-end processes of hawker centres managed by Socially-conscious Enterprise Hawker Centre (SEHC) operators and Managing Agents. 
Joint Operations and Technology Group
The Joint Ops and Technology Group (JOTG) strengthens ops-tech and policy-tech integration across NEA, as well as the flow through of Research & Development to the Environmental Services industry; and drive NEA’s transformation agenda through process excellence, digitalisation, championing the use of innovative tech and  development of new tech capabilities. It will also drive NEA’s broader Science & Technology agenda and initiative while coordinating the agency’s response to incidents and crises.
Environment Technology Division
The Environment Technology Division (ETD) oversees NEA’s overall research and development plans and project portfolio, which entails operations-technology visioning, technology master planning, project pipelining and providing oversight of fund allocation. ETD is also responsible for providing oversight of NEA’s plans and projects for leveraging science and technology across NEA, so as to achieve operations-technology integration and enhance our operational effectiveness.

Industry Development and Promotion Division
The Industry Development and Promotion Division drives the establishment of a vibrant Environmental Services (ES) industry to deliver reliable and professional cleaning, waste management, as well as pest management services, to ensure clean environment for Singaporeans and to develop these companies to compete globally.

Information Technology Division
The Information Technology Division (ITD) is responsible for the management of infocomm planning and governance for NEA. ITD provides Info-Communication Technology (ICT) solutions, consultancy and project management for on-time delivery of ICT systems to enable NEA to achieve their mission and corporate objectives. ITD manages the maintenance, support of ICT systems and infrastructure services to ensure NEA daily operations are carried out smoothly. ITD also identifies emerging technologies in the market which can be recommended for adoption or used in pilot projects.

Joint Operations Division
The Joint Operations Division (JOD) is responsible  for overseeing the roles and functions of the Joint Operations Planning Department (JOPD) and Joint Decontamination Operations Department (JDOD).  JOD coordinates all of NEA’s Joint Ops plans and responses across Divisions/Departments and Agencies during peacetime and crisis.  

Transformation and Strategic Systems Division
The Transformation and Strategic Systems Division (TSSD) leads the implementation of key transformation initiatives and agency wide strategic systems. Driving the deployment of business analytics and other cutting edge technologies,  the Division aims  to position NEA to be Future Ready i.e. being Relevant, Responsive and Resilient. 
Public Engagement Group
The Public Engagement Group (PEG) leads in NEA’s overall public engagement efforts aimed at inculcating in our community a sense of ownership and responsibility for the environment. The Group drives and strengthens NEA’s brand equity through strategic corporate communications, effective 3P engagements and service excellence to build support for our policies and programmes. 3P Network Division
The 3P Network Division (3PND) develops and integrates NEA’s educational and publicity initiatives and programmes for the 3P (People, Public and Private) sectors. This ensures greater synergy and effectiveness in NEA’s outreach efforts to promote greater environmental sustainability. Through planning and organising partnership programmes, activities, and events, 3PND aims to raise awareness of environmental issues in the community, and equip them with the skills and knowledge to take ownership of the environment.

Corporate Communications Division
The Corporate Communication Division (CCD) seeks to position and brand NEA as the national agency which effectively maintains and enhances Singapore’s clean living environment, safeguards high public health standards, and provides authoritative weather and climate services. CCD seeks to foster public understanding of NEA's initiatives and issues through publicity, events, and campaigns. It is also the guardian of the NEA corporate brand and image.

Service Quality Division
The Service Quality Division (SQD) leads operational and service excellence initiatives that ensure quality and citizen-centric service delivery.   
Strategic Planning and Policy Group 
The Strategic Planning and Policy Group (SPPG) is responsible for corporate planning, KPI and risk management, research and statistics, strategic and longer-term policy planning and formulation; as well as safeguarding and advancing Singapore’s international environmental interests. 
Policy Division 
The Policy Division (PD) is responsible for the formulation of strategic policies related to environmental protection and public health; as well as the safeguarding and advancing of Singapore’s environmental interests at bilateral, regional and multilateral international fora.

Strategic Planning and Research Division
The Strategic Planning & Research Division (SPRD) is responsible for driving corporate planning and KPI and risk management as well as research and statistics for NEA.