The National Environment and Water (NEW) Scholarship is jointly offered by NEA, PUB and SFA. The scholarship seeks to groom and nurture young talents who are keen to develop a career to strengthen environmental resilience and food and water security for Singapore.

There are also opportunities for undergraduates to pursue the Mid-Term and Master's scholarship as well. 

Embark on a fulfilling career with us and be a part of Singapore's sustainability story.

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National Environment and Water (NEW) Internship

The NEW Internship identifies talented young individuals with an interest in environment- and water-related issues, and seeks to nurture their passion through work-based learning activities.

Offered by NEA and PUB, the NEW internship programme is open to Junior College and Polytechnic students, and is part of the selection process for the NEW Scholarship. The internship is usually four to six weeks long, during which interns work on a range of environment- or water-lated projects. Promising interns will be recommended for the NEW scholarship.

Four great reasons to consider the NEW Internship

  • You’ll get a head start in your application for the NEW Scholarship.
  • You’ll get to participate in exciting and stimulating environment- or water-related projects.
  • You’ll be better positioned to make a decision on your scholarship and career choices.
  • You’ll benefit from rich learning experiences.

Click here for more information on the NEW Scholarship and Internship.

Singapore Geospatial Scholarship


NEA offers the Singapore Geospatial Scholarship in partnership with six other public agencies (BCA, IDA, JTC, PUB, SLA, and URA). Candidates should pursue coursework in geospatial or geospatial-related fields.

For more information on the Singapore Geospatial Scholarship, please click here.