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Year of Public Hygiene

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Singapore has come a long way in our public hygiene journey, and the collective efforts of the Government, our people, the industry and other stakeholders, have been pivotal in transforming Singapore into a city boasting high levels of public hygiene.

Sustaining high levels of public hygiene requires all of us to play a part. The Year of Public Hygiene goes beyond just stepping up on our enforcement efforts. We will also rally businesses, the community and individuals, to play an active part in upkeeping good public hygiene practices for our collective well-being.

Budget 2024 Announcements

In support of the Year of Public Hygiene, we will be stepping up efforts across the following areas to ensure Singaporeans continue to enjoy a clean environment and clean air:

COS2024 Hotspots
Tackling Cleanliness Hotspots 

To maintain clean public spaces, the Government shoulders a critical responsibility in setting clear cleanliness standards and enforcing them diligently. NEA will adopt a more targeted approach with stepped-up enforcement, greater use of technology, and community involvement.

COS2024 Toilet Taskforce
Tackling Unhygienic Public Toilets

Cleanliness of public toilets remains challenging, and we can collectively do more to enhance levels of cleanliness and hygiene, to provide a safe and healthy environment for all.

The Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment will set up a Public Toilets Taskforce to review ways to improve cleanliness of poorer performing public toilets, in particular toilets at coffeeshops and hawker centres. It will also develop measures to improve hygiene standards for all public toilets, including infrastructure, cleaning and public education. The Taskforce will be co-chaired by Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Sustainability and the Environment, Mr Baey Yam Keng, and Chairman of the Public Hygiene Council, Mr Andrew Khng.

Together with the Singapore Food Agency, we will step up enforcement on toilet cleanliness and ensure that operators take responsibility and maintain toilets properly.

COS2024 Vector Control
Enhancing Vector Control

Keeping the incidence of vector-borne diseases low remains a priority for NEA.

This year, we will focus on tackling rat issues at source and combating dengue by expanding Project Wolbachia.

Together with the Singapore Food Agency, we will step up enforcement of waste management at food premises and bin centres. Apart from preventing rats from accessing food sources, premises managers should also maintain their premises in good condition, to deter rat habitation and prevent entry points for rats. We will trial the deployment of cameras with thermal detection capabilities to enable better surveillance at outdoor and back-lane areas.

We will work with the Singapore Pest Management Association (SPMA) and Enterprise Singapore to develop a new Singapore Standard on performance measurement for pest management services. These performance benchmarks are aimed at enabling a shift towards outcome-based contracting for the pest management sector.

To combat dengue, NEA expanded Project Wolbachia – Singapore to cover five additional sites. The five sites are Bukit Merah-Telok Blangah, Clementi-West Coast, Commonwealth, Holland, and Marine Parade-Mountbatten.

COS2024 Leverage Technology
Enhancing Industry Capability and Leveraging Technology

Innovation and technology remain at the forefront of driving transformation and capability development in the cleaning industry.

Singapore's first Enviro Tech Innovation Hub will open its doors in Apr 2024. The facility is an industry-led collaboration to advance sustainable environmental cleaning and integrated facilities management, and to support the cleaning workforce.

In addition, NEA will:

  • extend the use of autonomous cleaning machines to more regions
  • explore the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Video Analytics to detect cleaning gaps and lapses in public roads and parks
  • deploy drain sensors at certain parts of Singapore for better deployment of cleaning manpower
  • support the cleaning workforce by partnering the Tripartite Cluster to encourage continuous learning and upskilling, to ensure that the cleaning workforce can keep pace with industry transformation
COS2024 Rally Community
Rallying the Community

We will continue to work with our partners to empower all Singaporeans to upkeep good hygiene practices for the betterment of our society.

The Public Hygiene Council will also launch the latest edition of the annual Keep Singapore Clean Campaign on 28 April this year. In this Year of Public Hygiene, the second edition of Go Green SG, held across June and July, will also focus on rallying the community to collectively keep Singapore clean and green. Towards the end of the year in November, these efforts and contributions will be celebrated at the annual Clean & Green Singapore Day.

COS2024 Formaldehyde
Applying Limits on Formaldehyde in Interior Paint

From 1 January 2026, paints intended for application in interior of buildings sold in Singapore will be required not to contain formaldehyde. Minimising formaldehyde improves indoor air quality and is in line with ongoing efforts to safeguard public health.

Leading up to 1 January 2026, the public is encouraged to look out for and use such paints certified with the Singapore Green Labelling Scheme or the Singapore Green Building Product Certification Scheme. Paints with these green labels do not contain formaldehyde. The public is advised to open doors and windows during and after painting work to improve overall ventilation and dilute any formaldehyde that might be emitted.

Keep a lookout for more exciting activities planned in this Year of Public Hygiene:

  • April: Launch of Keep Singapore Clean Campaign and SG Clean Day by the Public Hygiene Council
  • June to July: 2nd edition of Go Green SG to focus on rallying the community to collectively keep Singapore clean
  • November: Clean Public Toilets Campaign and Clean & Green Singapore Day

How you can play a part

Whether you are an individual looking to give back or an organisation seeking to make an impact, there's a place for you to contribute and be part of our Year of Public Hygiene! Here are some community activities and initiatives to get you started:

For individuals
For organisations
Find out more about these entities dedicated to inspiring Singaporeans to care for and protect our environment, while elevating personal and public hygiene standards in our city: