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Work-Life Effectiveness

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NEA believes that a healthy and engaged workforce will propel it towards its goal of establishing itself as an effective regulator and champion of the environment.

Our work-life approach and initiatives cater to the diverse needs of our employees, enabling them to achieve work-life effectiveness that benefits Self, Family and Friends, as well as Work and Community.

Our work-life initiatives have won us the 'Excellence in Employee Work-Life Balance' Bronze Award at the 2014 Human Resource Excellence Awards, and 'Leading HR Practices in Quality Worklife, Physical & Mental Well-being Award' at the 2013 and 2014 SHRI Awards.

Self Work
We bring helpful mind and body activities to the workplace to help our staff members achieve better personal well-being. Self_edited A positive work culture and environment enables our officers to feel more engaged and supported. Work_edited
Community Family and friends
We develop a whole person through giving back to the community, and making a positive difference to society Community_edited Work aside, we encourage our staff members to strengthen their relationships with family and friends. Family Friends