Guidelines for Building Plan Submission

Building Plan (BP)

1. At the Building Plan (BP) stage, Qualified Persons (QPs) shall ensure that building plans of the development and related building services such as solid waste and pollution control systems are able to comply with environmental requirements stipulated in the relevant Regulations, Codes of Practices and Singapore Standards. The Codes of Practices/Singapore Standard are: 

2. Prior to BP submission to NEA's Development Control Department (DCD), the QPs are required to apply for Environmental Information (EI) and obtain the necessary Development Control (DC) clearance, where applicable. 

3. For a typical development, QPs shall prepare and submit the following BPs: 

Types of Plans Works
BP on Environmental Health (EH)
  1. Refuse Storage and Collection System 
  2. Public Toilet
  3. Ventilation, Ducting and Kitchen Exhaust Systems in Food Shop
  4. Cooling Tower
  5. Aquatic Facility
  6. Storage and Collection System for Recyclables at Strata-titled Properties with Residential Units
  7. Anti-Mosquito Breeding
BP on Pollution Control (PC)
  1. Pollution control equipment
  2. Wastewater treatment plant
  3. Fuel burning equipment
  4. Storage of oils and chemicals
  5. Incinerators

4. QPs can follow the following procedure for the submission of BPs:

(i) Consult DCD on the preparation of plans by making an online appointment with us. Unless a written waiver is prior obtained from DCD, all plans shall comply with NEA’s requirements before submitting them to DCD for clearance. Please refer to the consultation page for more information. 

(ii) Submit plans to DCD using the standard application forms, which can be downloaded from BCA's Corenet System. These standard application forms come with the latest requirements from relevant regulations and Codes of Practices on Pollution Control (PC) and Environmental Health (EH).

5. QPs should use the Checklist - general requirements for plan submission [docUrlTypeSize]checklist-general-requirements-for-plan-submission---mar-2023-dcd[/docUrlTypeSize] to check the plans for compliance with NEA’s requirements on environmental health.
6. For industrial developments which can pose health and safety hazards and/ or pollution impact, DCD will check the plans for compliance with NEA’s requirements on pollution control. QPs should use the Checklist of requirements of building plan on pollution control [DOC, 74 KB] to check the plans for compliance with NEA’s requirements on Pollution Control.