Industrial Sector

Energy Management System for Registered Corporations

  1. A registered corporation under the ECA must, for each relevant business activity under its operational control, implement an energy management system (EnMS) and submit either an (a) energy management system report no earlier than 12 months and at least 6 months before the last day of the assessment cycle or (b) accredited ISO 50001 certification expiring on or after the last day of the assessment cycle.

  2. First EnMS Submission

    The submission of the EnMS report/ISO 50001 certification for each relevant business activity shall be done by either:

    a)   31 Dec 2021 for Tier 1 facilities (annual energy consumption* ≥ 500 TJ); or
    b)   31 Dec 2022 for Tier 2 facilities (54TJ ≤ annual energy consumption* < 500TJ).
  3. Subsequent EnMS Submission

    Relevant business activities will follow either a three-year assessment cycle beginning from the approval of the first EnMS report or the certification cycle of the accredited ISO 50001 certification, and need to submit either:

    a)   an EnMS report, no earlier than 12 months, and at least 6 months before the end of each assessment cycle; or
    b)   a valid, accredited ISO 50001 certification with effective date no later than the day immediately following the end of the assessment cycle/certification cycle.
  4. Submission Requirements

    ISO 50001 certification must be issued by either:

    a)   a certification body accredited by the Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC) under the Council’s accreditation scheme for Energy Management System Certification Bodies to provide ISO 50001 certification; or
    b)   a certification body accredited to provide ISO 50001 certification, by a signatory of the International Accreditation Forum Multilateral Recognition Arrangement (IAF MLA).

    The report or certification shall be submitted using the electronic service at 

  5. Refer to the following reporting templates and guidelines:

    EnMS reporting template (excel, 60kb) 
    Guidelines on EnMS requirements (pdf, 380kb)

  6. Refer to the following for more information:

    FAQs on EnMS requirements (pdf, 840 kb)