Waste Management Infrastructure

Integrated Waste Management Facility

The development of the Integrated Waste Management Facility

The Integrated Waste Management Facility (IWMF) will process the following waste streams:

  • 5,800 tonnes per day of incinerable waste;
  • 250 tonnes per day of household recyclables collected under National Recycling Programme (NRP);
  • 400 tonnes per day of source-segregated food waste; and
  • 800 tonnes per day of dewatered sludge from TWRP.

Key benefits of Integrated Waste Management Facility (IWMF)

The IWMF will be constructed in phases and the first phase is targeted for completion by 2025.

Click here to download the IWMF brochure.

Driving synergies through IWMF and TWRP

NEA’s IWMF and PUB’s TWRP, jointly known as Tuas Nexus, will be co-located at the Tuas View Basin Site to maximise both energy and resource recovery in solid waste and used water treatment processes. The Tuas Nexus is the first of its kind planned from the ground up, enabling NEA and PUB to benefit from a water-energy-waste nexus.

IWMF Synergies