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Hawkers Development Programme

Hawkers Development Programme v3

About the Programme

The Hawkers Development Programme (HDP) is jointly developed by the National Environment Agency (NEA) and SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) to equip aspiring and existing hawkers with the relevant skills and competencies to run their hawker businesses. It also encourages them to take advantage of social media platforms to market their business.

Outline of Programme

Participants will go through three stages:
(1) Training
(2) Apprenticeship
(3) Start of Business

Stage 1: Training
Stage 2: Apprenticeship
Stage 3: Start of Business
• Coached by certified trainers in two main areas - culinary and business management
• Available to both aspiring and existing hawkers
• Learn the ropes of the trade from experienced hawkers at their stalls for two months (for ACI track), or four months (for Temasek Polytechnic track) of apprenticeship

• Available to aspiring hawkers only
• Test business plan through either the NEA’s Incubation Stall Programme or available stalls released during NEA’s monthly public tender

• For the first three (for ACI track) or six (for Temasek Polytechnic track) months of this stage, experienced hawkers will provide support and advice to aspiring hawkers  

• Available to aspiring hawkers only
Contact Details

If you have any queries on the Hawkers Development Programme, please email us at or contact NEA at 1800-2255-632 (1800-CALL-NEA).

To apply for the Hawkers Development Programme, please visit (for ACI track) and to apply for the Work Study (Certificate) in Hawkerpreneurship, please visit . 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Please visit HDP FAQs.

Calling for Experienced Hawkers to come onboard the Hawkers Development Programme

As part of ongoing efforts to support new entrants and sustain the hawker trade, NEA invites experienced hawkers to be part of the Hawkers Development Programme by providing mentorship and on-the-job training to aspiring hawkers as part of the Apprenticeship and Start of Business stages of the programme. 

If you would like to be part of the programme, please register your interest at