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Vibrant Hawker Culture

About the Programme

The Vibrant Hawker Culture Programme aims to encourage ground-up initiatives by individuals, community groups and organisations to organise projects to promote hawker culture and/or vibrancy at markets and hawker centres. NEA will provide funding support for the projects.

Applicant eligibility

Any individual (Singaporean/Permanent Resident), group, organisation, association, registered society or institution in Singapore can apply for funding under the Vibrant Hawker Culture Programme if they are not receiving similar funding from another public agency.

Project eligibility

a.       The project should help to promote hawker culture (people, food etc) or hawker centre vibrancy;
b.       Project should be open to participation from general members of public (where applicable); and
c.       Funding is only for non-commercial / non-revenue generating project[1].

[1] Written support from the respective Hawkers’ Association / Merchants’ Association will be required for projects to be held within markets and hawker centres.

Some examples of projects to promote hawker culture or hawker centre vibrancy are as follows:

·       Art workshops
·       Music performances
·       Carnival games
·       Interactive exhibitions

The above projects can be conducted in conjunction with festive celebrations (i.e. Christmas, New Year celebrations etc)

Projects must NOT have commenced at the time of application. The following projects will NOT be supported:

·       Activities that promote religious/political causes
·       Busking for monetary returns
·       Commercial activities e.g. sale of goods / services
·       Activities that that cause disamenities (e.g. smell, obstruction, noise) to the public or stallholders.

The above lists are not exhaustive. NEA reserves the right to select projects to be awarded. For the avoidance of doubt, NEA also reserve the right not to award funding to any projects.

Funding available

The funding is capped at $5,000 per project and $10,000 per financial year (1 Apr to 31 Mar) for the same individual/group/organisation on reimbursement basis.

For projects involving physical events/activities, only items required for the activity day will be supported by the funding. Some examples of supportable and non-supportable cost items are as follows:

*Supportable items

*Non-supportable items

Logistics transportation

Purchase of equipment (e.g. sound systems, musical instruments etc)

Rental of equipment

Man-hour cost

Publicity cost for the project

Costs incurred due to pre/post project activities (e.g. rehearsals etc)

*The supportable and non-supportable items listed above are not exhaustive. NEA reserves the right to accept or reject any supportable/non-supportable items. 

Disbursement of funds

Disbursement of funds is on a reimbursement basis, for supportable cost items, and must be accompanied by corresponding original/certified true copies of receipts/invoices for supported items within two months of the project’s completion. Applicants would also need to submit an e-invoice on AGD's website, Vendors@Gov. 

Application procedure

Application procedure


Interested applicants to fill in the Application for Funding form and email the completed form to