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Digital Support Guide For Hawkers

About the Digital Support Guide

The Digital Support Guide (DSG) is a step-by-step guide consisting of a set of best practices, such as Group Buys and bulk meal orders, which hawkers could adopt to increase online discoverability and generate demand for hawker food. The DSG was one of the recommendations by the SG Together Alliance for Action (AfA) – Online Ordering for Hawkers, formed on 17 June 2021 by SG Digital Office (SDO) and National Environment Agency (NEA), together with members representing hawkers, online ordering platforms and community groups, to galvanise efforts to support hawkers expanding their options to reach customers digitally. The DSG advocates the identification of a Digital Hawker Champion (DHC) and the formation of a Digital Support for Hawkers (DSH) group, comprising of passionate and digitally savvy individuals serving in the grassroots or hawkers, to provide peer support to help less digitally savvy hawkers embrace digital opportunities.

The contents of the DSG are as listed:

  • Step-by-step guide to set up a Facebook page
  • Considerations when organising Group Buys
  • Available training opportunities
  • Onboarding e-payment solution, e-ordering/delivery platform
  • Leveraging third-party logistic provider

Click on the following to view the Digital Support Guide in the different languages:

·       Digital Support Guide (English)[PDF, 2.03 MB]
·       Digital Support Guide (Chinese)[PDF, 2.18 MB]
·       Digital Support Guide (Malay)[PDF, 2.06 MB]
·       Digital Support Guide (Tamil)[PDF, 6.52 MB]

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