Industrial Sector

Energy Efficiency Opportunities Assessment (EEOA) for New Ventures

An owner of a New Venture (a new business activity or major expansion of any existing business activity) facility will be required to submit an Energy Efficiency Opportunities Assessment (EEOA) report when 

  • Planning Permission (PP) to URA is applied on or after 1 Oct 2018
  • Business activity of the New Venture is carried out at a single site and is attributable to one of the following industry sectors: 
    • Manufacturing and manufacturing related services;
    • Supply of electricity, gas, steam, compressed air and chilled water for air-conditioning; and
    • Water supply and sewage and waste management
  • Estimated annual energy consumption of New Venture is ≥ 54 TJ where the estimated annual energy consumption is:
    • Calculated on the basis that the business activity is carried out at full capacity for 24 hours every day throughout the calendar year; and
    • Derived from all fuel and energy commodities estimated to be used to provide or produce the energy to be consumed by the business activity.

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Energy Performance Measurement for New Ventures

When the New Venture becomes a relevant business activity under the Energy Conservation Act, the registered corporation with operational control over the relevant business activity is required to report (a) the total energy consumption of the New Venture facility and (b) the energy use and energy performance indicators of key energy-consuming systems based on measured values in the Energy Use Report

Thus, owners of New Ventures are advised to plan for and install meters and instruments at design and construction phases to measure:

  1. Total energy consumption of the New Venture facility; and
  2. Energy consumption and intended output of the energy-consuming systems that account for at least 80% of the New Venture facility’s annual energy consumption. 

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Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) for New Industrial Facilities

Water-cooled chilled water systems in a new industrial facility that requires Planning Permission (PP) clearance or equivalent on or after 1 December 2020 must conform to MEES within 3 months of:

a) one year after the TOP is issued for a new single-user industrial facility; and

b) three years after TOP or when 80 per cent of occupancy is reached, whichever is earlier, for a new multi-user industrial facility.

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