Singapore Sets Out Eligibility Criteria For International Carbon Credits Under The Carbon Tax Regime

 04 Oct 2023

Enhancing Energy Efficiency Requirements Of Home Appliances

02 Mar 2023 

Launch Of Course On Chiller Refrigerant Handling

15 Sep 2021 

EPM (Amendment) Bill To Mandate Measures To Mitigate HFC Emissions And Enhance Surveillance At Construction Sites For No-Work Rule

13 Sep 2021 

NEA to Enhance Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) for Refrigerators, Clothes Dryers and Air-Conditioners

08 Jun 2021 

Clean And Green Singapore (CGS) 2020 Launched, With $25 Million Climate-Friendly Households Programme For One- To Three-Room HDB Households

28 Nov 2020 

New Grants Aim To Reduce Singapore’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions

08 Oct 2020

NEA Celebrates The Outstanding Achievements Of The 2020 Energy Efficiency National Partnership (EENP) Awards Recipients

08 Oct 2020

NEA To Extend Energy Efficiency Requirements To Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Air-Conditioners

30 Mar 2020

$24.8 Million Climate-Friendly Household Package To Help Households Switch To Energy & Water Efficient Appliances

04 Mar 2020 

Singapore To Extend Energy Efficiency Requirements To Cooling Systems In Industrial Facilities 

26 Dec 2019 

New Energy Efficiency Technology Centre And Grant To Boost Industry Capabilities

03 Oct 2019 

Enhanced Industry Energy Efficiency Package For The Adoption Of Energy Efficient Technologies

30 Oct 2018 

All Light Bulbs Sold In S’pore To Be Minimally Of LED Efficiency Level From 2023

26 Oct 2018 

New Certification Scheme For Engineers In Industry Energy Efficiency

11 Oct 2018 

More Than 70,000 Households Across Singapore Eligible To Receive Free LED Lights

02 Sep 2018 

All One- And Two-Room HDB Households In The North East District To Get Vouchers For Free LED Lights

18 Aug 2018 

Four In Five Households Motivated To Save Energy If They Can Save Money: NEA Study

05 May 2018

Improving Industrial Energy Efficiency In Singapore

20 Oct 2017

Leveraging Energy Efficiency Opportunities Lead To Big Savings For Businesses

05 Oct 2017 

Winners From Diverse Organisations Recognised For Reducing Energy Use

04 Oct 2017

NEA Launches ‘Energy-Saving Challenge’ To Promote Reduction In Electricity Consumption Among Households

15 Jun 2017 

NEA To Launch The Energy Efficiency Fund (E2F) With Greater Emphasis On Improving Energy Efficiency Among Manufacturing SMEs

31 Mar 2017

Enhancements To The Energy Conservation Act

08 Mar 2017

Raised Energy Performance Standards For Refrigerators From December 2017

25 Nov 2016 

NEA Invites Tenders For The Development Of Energy Management Data Acquisition System For Public Sector Agencies

11 Nov 2016 

NEA And NTU Collaborate To Develop A Waste-To-Energy Research Facility

13 Jul 2016

NEA Invites Applications For The Energy Efficiency National Partnership (EENP) Awards 2016

29 Feb 2016

Tender Called For Energy Efficient Heat Pump Water Heater Demonstration in Homes

18 Jan 2016 

New Mandatory Energy Label For Lamps To Help Consumers Make Better Choices

30 Jun 2015 

Greater Collaboration Between Industries And Individuals To Synergise Efforts In Embracing Energy Efficiency

02 Oct 2014 

Revised Energy Labels And Rating System For Air-conditioners, Refrigerators And Clothes Dryers

22 Aug 2014

6,000 Needy Households To Collectively Save $480,000 In Utility Bills

05 Jul 2014

Enhancements To Improve Energy Efficiency For Households To Be Implemented

11 Mar 2014

Tighter Emission Standards For Diesel Vehicles

27 Dec 2013 

4000th Energy-Saving Light Bulb Installed In The Central Singapore District To Help Low-Income Families Save On Utility Bills

22 Dec 2013 

NEA And South West CDC Launch Eco-Trail In South West District

17 Nov 2013 

North West District To Start First Eco Audit In Homes

16 Nov 2013

Four Malls Join Hands in Clean and Green Drive

09 Nov 2013 

Record Number of Award Recipients at the National Energy Efficiency Partnership Awards 2013

09 Oct 2013

Singapore To Improve Energy Efficiency Of The Industry Sector

22 Apr 2013 

More Organisations And Individuals Commended For Taking The Lead To Improve Energy Efficiency

18 Sep 2012

More Organisations And Individuals Commended For Taking The Lead To Improve Energy Efficiency

18 Sep 2012 

First-ever study to benchmark a Singapore town's energy use

27 Apr 2012 

App Solutions For The Environment

20 Apr 2012