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Four Malls Join Hands in Clean and Green Drive

09 Nov 2013

More than 160 volunteers from schools, grassroots organisations and corporate organisations spread eco-friendly messages to the North East district


Singapore, 9 November 2013 – Four malls situated in the North East district of Singapore have pledged their commitment to implementing year-long environmental initiatives to promote resource conservation, energy efficiency, public hygiene and dengue prevention to encourage shoppers to play their part to care for the environment.  

2          Guest-of-Honour (GOH) Mr Teo Ser Luck, Minister of State, Ministry of Trade and Industry and Mayor of North East District launched the new programme titled “Project Outreach @ North East Malls”, involving the participation of Century Square, Compass Point, Hougang Mall, and White Sands this afternoon at the North East Clean & Green Singapore (CGS) Carnival. (Refer to Annex A for details on the programme) The programme supports the North East Actions by the Community for the Environment (ACE) Plan, a five-year commitment launched in 2010 by National Environment Agency’s (NEA) North East Regional Office and North East Community Development Council (CDC) with the vision of creating a sustainable green future through fostering and building strong partnerships.  

3          These participating malls aim to raise environmental consciousness and integrate green habits by encouraging shoppers to reduce the use of plastic bags and purchase energy efficient appliances. In addition, the malls have committed to dedicate a space for environment-related exhibitions. There are also plans to introduce the programme to other malls in the North East district. 

4          “We see more companies playing an active role in environmental stewardship, promoting environmental ownership and advocating a green lifestyle among their customers. We hope to see more companies coming forward to collaborate with us and together  build a cleaner and greener Singapore”, said Mr Ronnie Tay, CEO of the NEA. 

Clean & Green Award Ceremony – North East District

5          At today’s event, 13 award recipients from the North East district received the Clean and Green 2014 Awards from GOH Mr Teo. The award recipients are commended for achieving high standards in the areas of public hygiene and cleanliness, resource conservation and energy efficiency. Nine of the award winners are cleaners who have demonstrated pride and commitment in their work. (Refer to Annex B for details on the award recipients). 

Environment Watch Group and Junior Environment Watch Group 

6          Both the award ceremony and the launch of Outreach @ North East Malls are part of the four-day North East CGS Carnival. Organised by NEA and North East CDC, the carnival sees schools, corporate organisations and grassroots organisations working together to underscore the CGS 2014’s theme of “Every Action Counts” which emphasises on ownership of the environment at the individual, corporate and community levels.

7          Since the start of the carnival on Thursday, volunteers from the Environment Watch Group (E.W.G.) and Junior Environment Watch Group (J.E.W.G.) are among those who have been actively reaching out to shoppers with messages on anti-littering, dengue prevention, energy efficiency and resource conservation.  

8          Launched in November 2012, E.W.G. and J.E.W.G. are programmes set-up by the NEA and North East CDC to nurture grassroots leaders, residents, students and youths in the North East district on environmental issues relating to public health and environmental protection. A year on after it was established, E.W.G. and J.E.W.G. have attracted almost 1000 volunteers. In the true spirit of volunteerism, more than 160 pairs of hands are on deck at this year’s carnival. (Refer to Annex C for details on E.W.G. and J.E.W.G.)

9          An E.W.G. volunteer and a recipient of the EcoFriends 2012 Awards, Mdm Khong Sow Cheng is an exemplary green advocate to the junior volunteers in the North East district and her peers in E.W.G. Sharing her contributions as an E.W.G. volunteer, Mdm Khong said: “I engage the community by organising the recycling drives and workshops on how to make flowers and butterflies from recycled materials. I am also a volunteer guide for the Eco Trail at Lorong Halus Wetland where I encourage residents to keep the area clean.” Mdm Khong also conducts several workshops on transforming recycled materials into useful products at the carnival. (Refer to Annex C for details of Mdm Khong’s environmental initiatives) 

10        The North East CGS Carnival will end tomorrow. About 10,000 visitors are expected to attend the four-day event.  

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For more information, please contact

Call Centre: 1800-CALL NEA (1800-2255 632)




1)    Background

North East Clean & Green Singapore (CGS) Carnival seeks to promote public awareness and actions in keeping our environment clean and green. The campaign, with focuses on public health and environmental protection, aims to inspire everyone to adopt a clean and green lifestyle and take ownership of public places to keep it clean and beautiful.

2)    Objective

The carnival adopts the CGS 2014‘s theme of “Every Action Count” which aims to encourage every individual to make a conscious effort to do their part by being gracious and considerate to make Singapore a clean city.

3)    Brief Description of the Carnival

An exciting line-up of interactive games, performances, fringe activities and exhibition booths on environmental and public health themes awaits residents in the North East district from 7 to 10 November 2013.

More than 160 volunteers from schools, grassroots organisations, corporate organisations, the Environment Watch Group (E.W.G.) and the Junior Environment Watch Group (J.E.W.G.) are involved in the carnival.

4)    Programme

Launch of Project Outreach @ North East Malls 

Project Outreach @ North East Malls was launched in conjunction with the North East CGS Carnival. NEA and North East CDC are partnering malls to implement environmental initiatives that will raise eco-consciousness among tenants and shoppers.

Under the Project Outreach @ North East Malls, the malls are committed to dedicate a space for environment-related community activities and exhibitions to drive awareness and education. A series of environmentally-friendly activities will be organised to educate shoppers on the following topics:

  •  Anti-Littering
  • Dengue Prevention
  • Good Personal Hygiene and Toilet Etiquette
  • Resource Conservation
  • Energy Efficiency

 Malls on board the programme include: 

  • Frasers Centrepoint Property Management Services Pte Ltd
  • Compass Point Shopping Centre
  • Malls managed by AsiaMalls Management Pte Ltd
  • Hougang Mall
  • White Sands
  • Century Square 

Subsequently, the programme will be introduced to other major shopping malls and neighbourhood malls in the North East district. 

5)    Carnival Highlights


Eco-Green Workshops
Volunteers from Punggol South Women’s Executive Committee will be sharing on how to revive unwanted materials into useful products.

Environmental Skits
Shoppers and residents can learn more about environmental issues, such as dengue prevention and energy efficiency, through fun yet educational skits at the carnival.

Recycling Collection
For two kilograms or more of recyclables brought to the recycling booth, participants will receive an energy efficient light bulb and a goodie bag.


Eco Race Challenge
Organised by J.E.W.G volunteers from Temasek Polytechnic, North East district residents can look forward to learn about environmental issues in a fun way. Participating teams will compete against each other to complete a set of games which will put their ‘green’ knowledge to test.


Create your Ideal Clean and Green Singapore
In line with the CGS 2014’s theme ‘Every Action Counts’, participants have to draw their ideal image of a clean and green Singapore.


Design your own Eco Bag
Participants can exercise their creativity by designing their own eco bags using recycled materials.


Borrow to Redeem @ Sengkang Public Library
Between 23 October 2013 and 10 November 2013, library-goers can redeem a free goodie bag for every two or more green-themed books borrowed from Sengkang Public Library.

Eco Kids Storytelling Time
Sengkang Public Library will be conducting two storytelling sessions with focusing on ‘green’ messages to encourage children to care for the environment. 














Key Achievements






Best Improvement (Public Hygiene & Cleanliness)



Tampines West Constituency


  • Updated residents on the dengue situation and shared dengue prevention tips through monthly talks at various blocks within the constituency
  • Organised routine house visits and patrols to heighten awareness on dengue prevention and remove potential mosquito breeding habitats, reaching out to more than 7,000 residents
  • The Mozzie Patrol Teams also assisted to look out for errant residents found littering
  • Partnered Temasek Polytechnic to conduct education outreach to residents on the new smoking ban extension in January 2013





Best Improvement (Energy Efficiency & Resource Conservation)



Bedok Reservoir-Punggol


  • Collaborated with Starhub Pte Ltd on a pilot initiative called “Starbub’s Electronic Waste Recycling” to encourage e-waste recycling among residents
  • Response from residents was overwhelming as the recycling bin (placed in Punggol Community Centre) was filled every two months instead of the estimated three months
  • More than 165 kg of e-waste were collected from January 2012 to July 2013
  • Implemented year-long ENergy Saving Advocates (ENSA) programme to educate residents on the benefits of saving energy at home and in the community





Best Team Effort



Tampines East Zone 5 RC


Tampines East Constituency was hit with one of the largest dengue clusters this year, and Residents’ Committee members took immediate action such as:

  • Dengue Patrol: Members conducted daily patrols around the estate to remove potential breeding habitats
  • Dengue Fever Awareness House Visits: House visits were organised at least once a month to educate residents on dengue and its preventive steps





Most Active Constituency



Kaki Bukit


  • Organised 205 environmental activities
  • Organised the inaugural dengue awareness cum movie screening in May 2012 to educate residents on dengue prevention. The activity was subsequently organised once every three months at various Residents’ Committees
  • Grassroots adviser, Mr Ong Ye Kung, and 50 community volunteers conducted house visits at all blocks and distributed a dengue awareness kit comprising of educational pamphlets and collaterals, and mosquito repellent to the residents.





Best Cleaner












Best Cleaner (HDB Estates)



Mdm Hor Hong Meng



Mdm Hor shows diligence while performing her duties. She has a good relationship with residents as well as her colleagues and supervisor.


Mr Mohd Kasbi Bin Zam Zam



Mr Kasbi reports to work punctually and has a good work attendance. He is a responsible and diligent worker. The block he is in charge of seldom receives complains, and his officer is satisfied with his performance. On top of his good work delivery, he has a pleasant personality and maintains a good relationship with residents. 


Mr Ong Lim Chiau



Mr Ong is committed to his job and has a good work attendance. He has a pleasant personality and maintains a good relationship with residents. 





Best Cleaner (Public Waste Collector)



Mr Arumgam S/O Subramaniam



Mr Arumugam is a committed worker who takes pride in his work. He always keeps his work area clean and tidy. He also works closely with his peers and constantly provides feedback on ways to improve the work process. Additionally, Arumugam also acts as a mentor to new staff. Residents commended him for being courteous and friendly. He is also willing to go the extra mile for residents. 


Mr Asri Bin Ja’Afar



Mr Asri has a good work attendance and a tidy appearance. He performs his duties admirably and with minimum supervision. He also makes an effort to educate residents on how to properly sort their recyclables. Further to this, he ensures that recyclables are collected promptly and that his work area is clean and neat at all times during his course of duty. 


Mr Selvan S/O Rajoo



Mr Selvan is a very dedicated and committed driver who maintains a good relationship with residents. He is a good team player and is always ready to mentor new drivers. He also goes the extra mile to help other drivers when they have difficulties completing their tasks.  





Best Cleaner (Public Cleanliness)



Mr Nadaison S/O Govindasamy



Mr Nadaison is an excellent team player and constantly motivates his team members to maintain a high output of quality work. He carries out his duties extremely well and always maintains the cleanliness of his workplace at all times.


Mr Omar Bin Musa



Mr Omar is a reliable, competent and conscientious officer with good work attendance. Although he is already in his 60s, his passion and dedication to his work is greatly appreciated by his supervisors. He keeps the areas under his charge clean at all times. 


Mr Amzah Bin Ahmad



Mr Amzah is competent at his job. He is not only a responsible worker but is also a good team player who works well with his supervisors and colleagues. 




1)    The Environment Watch Group

The Environment Watch Group (E.W.G.), a joint initiative between the National Environment Agency (NEA) and the North East Community Development Council (CDC), was launched in November 2012 at the North East Clean and Green Singapore (CGS) Carnival by Minister Heng Swee Keat with the aim of cultivating a green community by nurturing a group of passionate grassroots leaders and residents on environmental issues.

The E.W.G. volunteers help to organise environmental events and patrol the estates to engage and educate residents on environmental issues relating to public health and environmental protection, such as anti-littering, dengue prevention, energy efficiency and resource conservation. They also act as positive role models for fellow neighbours, families and friends.

The E.W.G. is executed in three phases:

1)    Phase 1 - Recruitment of E.W.G. volunteers from residents and grassroots leaders in the respective divisions in North East district.

2)    Phase 2  - E.W.G. volunteers are trained on the following environmental topics:

  • Anti-littering (Cleanliness in the estates)
  • Dengue Prevention
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Resource Conservation

3)    Phase 3 – The E.W.G. volunteers will help to organise environmental events and patrol the estates to educate the residents on environmental issues and good estate manners. They will also serve as a positive model for their fellow neighbours, families and friends.

As of 30 October 2013, 78 E.W.G. volunteers have been recruited in the North East district.


Fig 1: Punggol South E.W.G. volunteers at the Green Environment Day.

2)    The Junior Environment Watch Group

The Junior Environment Watch Group (J.E.W.G.) is a joint initiative between NEA and North East CDC to cultivate environmental awareness among youth. The group is formed by students (Upper Primary, Secondary and Tertiary levels) from schools and youths residing in the North East district.

The J.E.W.G. programme is executed in three phases:

1)    Phase 1 - Recruitment of J.E.W.G. volunteers from schools in the North East district.

2)    Phase 2 - J.E.W.G. volunteers are trained on the following environmental and public health topics:

  • Anti-littering (Cleanliness in the estates)
  • Dengue Prevention
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Resource Conservation

3)    In Phase 3 - The J.E.W.G. volunteers will work with the grassroots organisations in the North East district on various environmental projects.

As of 30 October 2013, there are 879 J.E.W.G. volunteers from the following schools, namely, Compassvale Secondary School, Dunman Secondary School, Greendale Secondary School, Temasek Polytechnic and Yuying Secondary School.


Fig 2: J.E.W.G. volunteers from Compassvale Secondary School mobilised for a dengue outreach effort.


3)    Current E.W.G. Volunteer and Environment Champion – Mdm Khong Sow Cheng


Sow Cheng has organised and participated in a number of environmental initiatives such those listed below:

  • E.W.G. Training conducted by NEA for all grassroots leaders to learn about engaging the community and spread environmentally-friendly messages. Eight Women’s Executive Committee (WEC) members, including Sow Cheng, joined the Watch Group.
  • In conjunction with International Women's Day Celebration 2013, WEC members set up a booth and conducted sharing sessions on how to make flowers from crepe paper. Dengue prevention methods were also shared with participants.
  • Along with WEC members of Green Environment Day, she helped run the Resource Management booth to share recycling messages, and conducted sharing sessions on making flowers from plastic bags.
  • The Eco Trail at Lorong Halus Wetlands, which is a guided tour conducted by Singapore Environment Council for 20 residents. Sow Cheng and a few WEC members were trained as volunteer guides for the tour. 
  • Jointly organised with Singapore Red Cross, Punggol Aspella Residents’ Committee, Community Emergency and Engagement Committee (C2E) and Punggol Park Collection, blood donation and collection drives for recyclable items are held every three months at the community centre and other community events. 

Sow Cheng is also a member of the Punggol South WEC team which received the CGS 2011 Best Team Effort Award and was also recognised for her role as Chairperson of Punggol Park CC WEC. She also attained the EcoFriend 2012 Award.