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NEA Invites Tenders For The Development Of Energy Management Data Acquisition System For Public Sector Agencies

11 Nov 2016

Project aims to improve energy efficiency of public sector agencies

Singapore, 11 November 2016 – The National Environment Agency (NEA) today issued an invitation to tender for the first phase of an integrated energy management system (iEMS) demonstration project.  The objective of the project is to develop a system to monitor the energy consumption of public sector buildings, as well as identify and quantify opportunities for optimisation.

2          The National Environment Agency (NEA) is spearheading Singapore public sector's efforts to improve environmental sustainability through the Public Sector Taking the Lead in Environmental Sustainability (PSTLES) initiative.  Introduced in 2006, the PSTLES initiative provides a platform to share best practices and encourage public sector agencies to put in place environmental sustainability targets, including developing resource management plans and implementing measures to enhance energy and water efficiency.  PSTLES also represents the public sector’s involvement in, and commitment to, the Sustainable Singapore Blueprint (SSB).  The SSB movement launched on 16 July 2016 seeks to encourage NGOs and corporate organisations to initiate outreach activities, and to inspire their stakeholders to go green, as well as, to encourage individuals to be a part of the sustainability movement through their actions and decisions in their daily lives.

3          The integrated energy management system will gather relevant energy consumption data to:

a.    detect and diagnose faults that may affect energy consumption,
b     identify opportunities for energy optimisation, and
c.    benchmark the energy performance of public sector buildings

4          The demonstration project will be carried out in two phases. In Phase 1, a data acquisition system will be developed to collect detailed interval energy consumption and operation data of the Treasury Building and the HDB Hub, which are both taking part in the project. 

5          In Phase 2, a separate tender will be called to develop a software that will analyse the collected data and remotely perform fault detection and diagnosis, as well as identify and quantify opportunities for optimisation. Through the demonstration project, NEA will evaluate whether detailed data coupled with proper analysis and data visualisation can help the public sector manage its energy consumption better, and improve energy efficiency cost effectively.

6          The call for tenders for Phase 1 will open from today, 11 November 2016, and will close at 4pm on 15 December 2016. It is expected to be implemented by October 2017. The demonstration project is expected to be completed in 2020. 

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For more information, please contact us at 1800-CALL NEA (1800-2255 632) or submit your enquiries electronically via the Online Feedback Form or myENV mobile application.