Cleaning and Disinfection

List of household disinfectants and self-disinfecting surface coating products against COVID-19 virus

Revised on 28 October 2022
First released on 04 February 2020

For general precautionary cleaning, detergent and water are adequate. For disinfection of areas that are very likely to be contaminated with COVID-19 virus (e.g. bedroom of a person confirmed to have a COVID-19 virus infection), general household products that contain the appropriate concentrations of active ingredients can be used.

The suitable active ingredients and their effective concentrations are listed in Table 1. The table also provides guidance on the effective contact times (which are different among the various A.I.s) required by the A.I.s to act on a contaminated surface, in order to be effective against coronaviruses. In addition to the use of cleaning agents, other treatments effective against coronaviruses include steam and heat treatment. As the COVID-19 virus is new, limited studies have been published on the virus. This assessment is thus based on published scientific studies on coronaviruses, a group to which the COVID-19 virus belongs.

Table 2 lists products that have data to support the long-lasting efficacy against coronaviruses when used as self-disinfecting surface coatings. Factors such as appropriate surface coating test methodology including a neutralisation step upon recovery of viruses from test surface, efficacy against coronaviruses, and durability were considered in the listing of these products.

Table 3 lists common household products that contain the appropriate active ingredients for disinfection, based on data provided by suppliers1. These products had thus been assessed to be effective for the wipe-down disinfection of non-porous of surfaces against coronaviruses.

Tables 1 to 3 will be updated as new data emerge and data from more products are gathered.

NEA would also like to highlight that there has recently been some ultraviolet-C (UVC) sterilisers being marketed for home use against the COVID-19 virus. UV irradiation should only be executed by trained professionals for specific purposes such as in hospitals and laboratories. As UVC radiation can cause injury to the skin (e.g. sunburn) and eye (e.g. inflammation of the cornea), NEA does not recommend the household use of sterilisers that use UVC radiation for disinfection. This is because some devices marketed for home use lack safety features that protect users from unintended or accidental exposure to UV radiation. For more information, please refer to the following guidelines/advisory on the use of UVC devices:
      1. Safety Guidelines for Use of UVC Devices
      2. Advisory on the Use of UVC Sterilisers in the Homes

Important points to note when using disinfectants:

  1. Check the labels and use according to instructions, and be aware of the potential hazard of each product.
  2. Avoid contact with eyes and skin when handling cleaning products, and keep them away from children.
  3. Do not mix different cleaning products and use in a well-ventilated area.
  4. For disinfection of highly contaminated surfaces or materials, avoid the use of spray, and allow appropriate contact time needed for disinfection.
  5. This product list should be read in conjunction with the Guidelines and Advisories issued by NEA with instructions and guidelines on how to conduct proper cleaning and disinfection of premises.
1 The product either contains the appropriate active ingredients listed in Table 1 or is accompanied with data that shows efficacy against coronaviruses.

Disclaimer: Any posting shown in the listing does not constitute or imply any affiliation, relationship or sponsorship by NEA of the products in the listing. Every product needs to be used in the right way and according to specification. NEA will not be responsible for any loss or damage arising from or incidental to any use of products/services in the listing.
Table 1. Active Ingredients and Their Working Concentrations Effective Against Coronaviruses

S/NActive Ingredient Contact Time (min)
1Accelerated hydrogen peroxide# (0.5%)a 1
2Benzalkonium chloride* (0.05%)b 10
3Chloroxylenol (0.12%)c  10
4Didecyldimethylammonium chloride (0.01%)  1
5Ethanol (70%)d 10
6Iodine in iodophor (50 ppm) 10
7Isopropanol (50%)b 10
8Povidone-iodine (1% iodine)d 1
9Sodium hypochlorite  
(0.05 – 0.5%)d, e or Active chlorine generated from other precursor(s)^ (ca. 0.476-4.762 g/L of available chlorine)
10Sodium chlorite (0.23%)b 10
#Products with hydrogen peroxide as the active ingredient will be assessed on a case-by-case basis; efficacy reports should be provided by the supplier.
*Alternative name: alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride
Active chlorine could be generated from other precursors such as calcium hypochlorite, hydrochloric acid, sodium chloride, sodium dichloroisocyanurate, tosylchloramide sodium, and trichloroisocyanuric acid, under certain conditions.

a Omisbahakhsh, N., & Sattar, S. A. (2006). Broad-spectrum microbicidal activity, toxicologic assessment, and materials compatibility of a new generation of accelerated hydrogen peroxide-based environmental surface disinfectant. American Journal of Infection Control, 34(5), 251-257
b Saknimit M, Inatsuki I, Sugiyama Y, Yagami K. (1988) Virucidal efficacy of physico-chemical treatments against coronaviruses and parvoviruses of laboratory animals. Jikken Dobutsu. 37:341-5

c Dellanno, C., Vega, Q., & Boesenberg, D. (2009). The Antiviral action of common household disinfectants and antiseptics against murine hepatitis virus, a potential surrogate for SARS coronavirus. American Journal of Infection Control, 37(8), 649-652. doi:10.1016/j.ajic.2009.03.012
d Sattar SA, Springthorpe VS, Karim Y, Loro P. (1989). Chemical disinfection of non-porous inanimate surfaces experimentally contaminated with four human pathogenic viruses. Epidemiol. Infect.
Lai, M. Y. Y., Cheng, P. K. C., & Lim, W. W. L. (2005). Survival of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus. Clinical Infectious Diseases, 41(7), e67-e71.

Table 2. List of Self-Disinfecting Surface Coating Products Effective Against Coronaviruses

S/NProduct Name
Application methodDurability and efficacy dataEfficacy class

Peel and stick onto surfaces

Yes, >3.6-log reduction of SARS-CoV-2 within 15 min, after a simulated cleaning with 90 wipes of ethanol or detergent.

Class A
 2AirTumTec Pro

(Not commercially available off-the-shelf)


Coating is applied by manufacturer 

Yes, 2.67-log reduction of hCoV-229E within 15 min, after 2,000 cycles of abrasion according to ASTM D4060

Test material: Ceramic 

Class A 
 3airDefender Anti-Microbial Surface Coating Solution Spray

Coating to be applied by user according to direction of use
Yes, 0.8-log reduction of human coronavirus-229E within 65 min and 2.9-log reduction within 170 min, after a simulated cleaning with 100 wipes of ethanol.

Test material: Stainless steel
Class C
 4 Asahi Lifecare Antimicrobial Coating Solution AHC23B

(Not commercially available off-the-shelf)

Coating is applied by manufacturer ot appointed distributor
Yes, 5-log reduction of murine coronavirus-MHV within 15 min, after a simulated cleaning with 1000 wipes of ethanol

Test material: Polycarbonate film
Class A 

Q.Ion Antimicrobial Spray

(Not commercially available off-the-shelf)

Coating is applied by manufacturer
Yes, >3.75-log reduction of SARS-CoV-2 within 15 min and >4-log reduction within 60 min, after a simulated cleaning with 99 wipes of 0.5% benzalkonium chloride.

Test material: Glass slide
Class A 
 6Nanoshield Liquid Film/Spray SLF 401 series

(Not commercially available off-the-shelf)


Coating is applied by manufacturer or commercial applicators or trained personal, using a compressor gun 

Yes, >3.37-log reduction of murine coronavirus-MHV within 10 min, after 6000 times of rubbing

Test material: Stainless steel 
Class A 
 7C2+ Antimicrobial Coating

(Not commercially available off-the-shelf)

Coating is applied by manufacturer or commercial applicators or trained personal, using a spray gun

Yes, 2.4-log reduction of human coronavirus-229E within 15 min, after 300 rubs with chemical wipes

Test material: Plastic coupons
Class A

Nanoshield Liquid Spray TH321 series

(Available off-the-shelf) 


Coating is applied by user following manufacturer’s instruction, using a manually operated spray bottle 

Yes, >2.34-log reduction of human coronavirus-OC43 within 15 min, after 500 rubs

Test material: PET film

Class A

(Not commerically available off-the-shelf) 

Coating is applied by manufacturer or commercial applicators or trained personal, using a spray gun 
Yes, 3.83-log reduction of MHV within 15 min, after 380 rubs with 0.55% benzalkonium chloride

Test material: Glass

Yes, 3.93-log reduction of MHV within 15 min, after 380 rubs with 0.55% benzalkonium chloride

Test material: Steel Plate
Class A 
 10 PURPLE GUARD 30 Days Antimicrobial Coating
(Commercially available off-the-shelf)
 Solution /Spray (ready to use)

Coating is applied by user following manufacturer’s instruction, using a manually operated spray bottle or trained personal, using a spray gun
 Yes, 1.54-log reduction of human coronavirus-229E at 120 min, after 100 wipes of ethanol
Test material: Glass coupons
 Class C

total of 57 products have been evaluated based on data provided by suppliers, in accordance with the criteria as stated in the Technical Guidance on the Testing of Self-Disinfecting Surface Coatings against SARS-CoV-2.

Table 3. List of Household Disinfectants/Cleaning Products Effective Against Coronaviruses

Additional precautions for each product are denoted by the respective alphabets:
A. Corrosive to metals, wipe away residues with wet cloth after 10 minutes.
B. Flammable at high concentration. Keep away from heat/sparks/open flames/hot surfaces.
C. Not all recommended dilutions stated on the label meet the concentration requirement indicated in Table 1. Adjustment in dilution ratio may be required.
D. As the product contains botanical extracts as the active ingredient, batch variation in active ingredient content may be possible.

Use Site
Product Name
Active Ingredient(s)
Additional Precautions
1 General Magiclean Multi-Purpose Disinfectant Spray Benzalkonium chloride (0.05%) C
2 General 1070 PINEFECT Benzalkonium chloride (1.52%) C
3 General 2XL Force Wipes Benzalkonium chloride (0.1212%) -
4 General 2XL Force Wipes 2 Benzalkonium chloride (0.1778%) -
5 General 3337 Easy-San Benzalkonium chloride (0.05%), Isopropanol (48%) -
6 General 3471 NOVIRUCLEAN RT 1/30 Benzalkonium chloride (0.117%) -
7 General 3M TB Quat Disinfectant Ready-To-Use Cleaner Benzalkonium chloride (0.105%) -
8 General 707 Bleach Sodium hypochlorite (3.25%) A
9 General 9 Concept Disinfectant Benzalkonium chloride (0.05%) -
10 General 9175 VIRETRON Benzalkonium chloride (0.5%), Ethanol (49%), Isopropanol (8.5%) B
11 General Active Clean Benzalkonium chloride (0.8%) -
12 General Active Mold Control Sodium hypochlorite (0.5%) A
13 General Active Mold Control Lite Benzalkonium chloride (0.4%) -
14 General Aeris Active Benzalkonium chloride (2.0%) -
15 General airDefender Daily Antibacterial Sanitizing Mist Benzalkonium Chloride (0.05%) -
16 General Akron Lemonex (240) Benzalkonium chloride (3%) -
17 General Akron Pro Pine (504) Benzalkonium chloride (3.2%) -
18 General Akron Shield Surface (502) Benzalkonium chloride (1%) -
19 General Alcosm 75% Alcohol Wipes Ethanol (75%) B
20 General Alcosm Antibacterial Wipes Benzalkonium chloride (0.13%) -
21 General AlphaShield Surface Disinfectant Benzalkonium chloride (0.5%) -
22 General AME 101 Surface Disinfectant Benzalkonium chloride (1.5%) -
23 General Anosan Sodium hypochlorite (0.06%) A
24 General AQ Germs Killer Benzalkonium chloride (0.05%) -
25 General ASN GUARD “Daily Clean Disinfecting Spray” Benzalkonium chloride (0.2%), Didecyldimethylammonium chloride (0.05%) -
26 General Avelia Disinfectant Spray Isopropanol (70%) B
27 General Avistat-D Ready-To-Use Spray Disinfectant Cleaner Benzalkonium chloride (0.105%) -
28 General BestChem Bleach Disinfectant Sodium hypochlorite (4.5%) A
29 General BestChem Disinfectant Isopropanol (70%) B
30 General Bin Buddy Spray Citrus Benzalkonium chloride (0.12%) -
31 General Bio-X Kleanze Plus Alpha terpineol (6%) -
32 General Bio-X Kleanze VOC Free Aerosol Alpha terpineol (0.3%) -
33 General Budget Bleach Sodium hypochlorite (3.25%) A, C
34 General Buster Sink & Drain Active Foam Cleaner Sodium hypochlorite (1.5%) A
35 General Calfarme FOAMCARE Spray & Wipe All Purpose Surface Sanitizer Benzalkonium chloride (0.1%) -
36 General Care Clean Pine Disinfectant Benzalkonium chloride (0.9%) -
37 General Cee-Bee A-18S Disinfectant Cleaner Benzalkonium chloride (0.13%) -
38 General CHEMORE Alcohol Disinfectant Sanitiser Isopropanol (70%) B
39 General CHEMORE Ethanol Alcohol 70% Ethanol (70%) B
40 General CHEMORE Isopropyl Alcohol 70% Isopropanol (70%) B
41 General CHEMORE Water-Based Disinfectant Sanitiser Benzalkonium chloride (0.5%) -
42 General Cif Multipurpose Disinfectant Ethanol (70%), Benzalkonium chloride (0.1%) B
43 General CIF Power & Shine Multipurpose Anti-Bac Spray 700ml Benzalkonium chloride (0.75%) -
44 General CIF Professional All Purpose Cleaner Benzalkonium chloride (0.75%) -
45 General CIF Professional Disinfectant Floor Cleaner 5L Benzalkonium chloride (1.33%) C
46 General CLFine Hypochlorous acid (0.003%) A
47 General Clinell Universal Wipes Benzalkonium chloride (0.54%) -
48 General Clorox All Purpose Cleaner with Bleach Sodium hypochlorite (2.4%) A
49 General Clorox Bleach Original Sodium hypochlorite (5.25%) A, C
50 General Clorox Clean-Up All-Purpose Cleaner with Bleach (Various Scents) Sodium hypochlorite (2.4%) A, C
51 General Clorox Clean-Up Cleaner + Bleach Sodium hypochlorite (1.84%) A
52 General Clorox Disinfecting Wipes Benzalkonium chloride (0.184%) -
53 General Clorox Scentiva Disinfecting Multi-Surface Cleaner (Various Scents) Benzalkonium chloride (0.3%) -
54 General Cloversoft 99.99% Germs Bgone Hand and Surface Sanitiser Ethanol (70%) B
55 General D-Bleach Chlorinated Bleach 4.5% Sodium hypochlorite (4.5%) A
56 General Degerms Antibacterial Disinfectant Benzalkonium chloride (3.8%) -
57 General Degragerm 24™ Shield Benzalkonium chloride (0.25%) Didecyldimethylammonium chloride (0.25%) -
58 General Delta Disinfectant Benzalkonium chloride (0.75%) -
59 General Deras Isopropyl Alcohol 70% Isopropanol (70%) B
60 General Dermodacyn Disinfecting Solution Hypochlorous acid (0.013%), Sodium hypochlorite (0.002%) A
61 General Dettol Anti-Bacterial Surface Cleanser Spray Benzalkonium chloride (0.07%) -
62 General Dettol Antiseptic Disinfectant Liquid Chloroxylenol (4.8%) C
63 General Dettol Antiseptic Germicide Chloroxylenol (4.8%) C
64 General Diversey Forward DC Benzalkonium chloride (1.6%) -
65 General Divosan Hypochlorite VT3 Sodium hypochlorite (10%) A
66 General Domesto Professional Thick Bleach Sodium hypochlorite (5.2%) A, C
67 General Domestos Bleach Spray Sodium hypochlorite (0.52%) A
68 General Dream Anti-Bacterial Hard Surface Cleaner Benzalkonium Chloride (0.4%) -
69 General DYPHOX Cleaner A03 Isopropanol (50%) B
70 General E-Bio Disinfectant Concentrate Benzalkonium chloride (1%) C
71 General EC Quaternary Disinfectant Cleaner Benzalkonium chloride (3%) -
72 General EC Sanitizer (Alcohol Free) Benzalkonium chloride (0.8%) -
73 General ECO * SAM Disinfectant Cleaner Benzalkonium chloride (0.05%) -
74 General Eco Sanitizer Ethanol (70%) B
75 General Ecolab Isopropyl Alcohol Isopropanol (70%) B
76 General Ecolab Multi Purpose Disinfecting Wipes Benzalkonium chloride (0.12%) C
77 General Ecolab Sink & Surface Cleaner Sanitizer Dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid (0.0606%) -
78 General Eluxgo A1 Cationic Disinfectant Didecyldimethylammonium chloride (0.16%) -
79 General Enlit BB-10 Stain and Mold Remover Sodium hypochlorite (2.4%) A
80 General EnviroCare Blue Max Disinfectant Isopropanol (75%) B
81 General EnviroWizard Surface Sanitiser Benzalkonium chloride (2%), Sodium chlorite (0.3%) -
82 General E-Safe B005 Benzalkonium chloride (0.05%) -
83 General Essential Waitrose Thick Bleach Original Sodium hypochlorite (3.68-3.99%) A, C
84 General Essentials by Theo10: Disinfectant Benzalkonium chloride (0.05%) -
85 General ESTA Plant Based Surface Disinfectant Ethanol (70%) ULTRABactech (5%) B
86 General Eucapro Antibacterial Disinfectant Germicidal Eucalyptus Spray Eucalyptus Globukus (25%) D
87 General F10 Ready To Use Disinfectant Benzalkonium chloride (0.054%) -
88 General FairPrice Anti-Bacterial Bleach Sodium hypochlorite (5%) A, C
89 General FairPrice Anti-Bacterial Wet Wipes Benzalkonium chloride (0.1%) -
90 General FairPrice Antiseptic Germicide Chloroxylenol (4.8%) C
91 General FCOVTM Surface Block (FCOV020) Benzalkonium chloride (5%) -
92 General Febreze 2-in-1 Fabric & Surface Antibacterial Spray (Various Scents) Didecyldimethylammonium chloride (0.12%) -
93 General G3Tech Disinfectant Benzalkonium chloride (0.1%) -
94 General Giant All Purpose Household Bleach Sodium hypochlorite (5.25%) A, C
95 General GK Germ Killer GK Air Benzalkonium chloride (0.2%) -
96 General GK Germ Killer GK Concentrate (Citronella/Floral) Benzalkonium chloride (5%) C
97 General GK Germ Killer GK Surface Benzalkonium chloride (0.5%) -
98 General Green Kulture Antimicrobial Disinfectant Benzalkonium chloride (0.05%) -
99 General HomeNiks Bleach Sodium hypochlorite (3.25%) A,C
100 General Hospicare 7050 70% v/v IPA Wipes Isopropanol (70%) B
101 General HVS-ProShield-HOCl Hypochlorous acid (0.075%) A, C
102 General HVS-ProShield-NaOCl Sodium hypochlorite (0.12%), Hypochlorous acid (0.004%) A, C
103 General Hycolin Antiviral Bathroom Cleaner Benzalkonium Chloride (0.125%) -
104 General Hycolin Antiviral Kitchen Cleaner Benzalkonium chloride (0.125%) -
105 General Hycolin Antiviral Stainless Steel and Glass Cleaner Benzalkonium Chloride (0.125%) -
106 General Hygelab Disinfectant Benzalkonium chloride (0.5%) C
107 General Hypo Clean (H200 Formula) Hypochlorous acid (0.03%) A
108 General Intense Rescue Multipurpose Disinfectant Spray by Organica Benzalkonium chloride (0.05%) -
109 General Jackie Disinfectant & Air-Freshener Benzalkonium chloride (0.75%), Ethanol (82%) B
110 General Jackie Disinfectant Spray Benzalkonium chloride (0.75%), Ethanol (82%) B
111 General Jeff Supplies Pro Clean Disinfectant Benzalkonium chloride (0.05%) -
112 General JP Wang Antibacterial Disinfectant Benzalkonium Chloride (0.2%), Didecyldimethylammonium Chloride (0.2%) -
113 General JP Wang Disinfectant Pro 01 Benzalkonium Chloride (3.0%), Didecyldimethylammonium Chloride (0.5%) -
114 General Karyon Virucidal Disinfectant K-310 Benzalkonium chloride (0.17%) -
115 General Ki-ose 390 Didecyldimethylammonium chloride (0.2%), Isopropanol (4%) -
116 General KLENCO Sanifect Benzalkonium chloride (3.8%) -
117 General Knaus Multi Surface Clean & Shine Benzalkonium chloride (0.06%) -
118 General Lavender-Quat Benzalkonium chloride (0.845%) C
119 General Lifebuoy Disinfectant Multipurpose Cleaner (Various scents) Benzalkonium chloride (0.75%) -
120 General Lysol Disinfectant Spray (Various Scents) Ethanol (60%) B
121 General M802-MS IPA Isopropanol (70%) B
122 General Magiclean Floor Cleaner (Various Scents) Benzalkonium chloride (0.7%) C
123 General Magiclean Multi-Purpose Disinfectant Bottle / Refill Benzalkonium chloride (0.92%) C
124 General Magiclean Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Wet Wipes and Refill Benzalkonium chloride (0.1%) -
125 General Magiclean Natural Essence Floor Cleaner (Various Scents) Benzalkonium chloride (0.7%) C
126 General Magiclean Wiper Wet Sheets Benzalkonium chloride (0.05%) -
127 General MAX Clean Mould & Mildew Remover Sodium hypochlorite (1.95%) A
128 General MAX Clean Multipurpose Cleaner - Aqua Lily Benzalkonium chloride (0.2%) -
129 General McClean DeGerm Spray n Wipe Bactericide ~ Perfumed Benzalkonium chloride (2.6%) -
130 General McClean FloraScent 433 Disinfectant & Deodorizer Benzalkonium chloride (4%) C
131 General McClean FreshCitrus 439 Disinfectant & Deodorizer Benzalkonium chloride (4%) C
132 General McClean NeuDeep 565 Fat & Oil Degreaser Benzalkonium chloride (2.5%) -
133 General McClean SaniQ 310 Disinfection Solution ~ All Purpose Sanitizer Benzalkonium chloride (0.05%) -
134 General McClean SaniQ 320 Disinfection Solution Concentrate Benzalkonium chloride (1.0%) -
135 General McClean SaniQ 340 Disinfection Solution - Quick Drying Surface Ethanol (70%), Benzalkonium chloride (0.05%) B
136 General McClean SaniQ 360 Antiseptic Germicide Chloroxylenol (4.8%) C
137 General MDF-500 (Part A&B) Benzalkonium chloride (3.2%), Hydrogen peroxide (7.9%) -
138 General Melintex Isopropyl Alcohol 70% Isopropanol (70%) B
139 General Micro-Chem Plus Disinfectant Detergent Benzalkonium chloride (2.25%) C
140 General Mikrozid Surface Wipes Ethanol (11.844%), Isopropanol (17.4%) B
141 General Misty Dew Chlorine dioxide (0.03%) -
142 General MITU Wetties Family Wet Wipes (Various Scents) Benzalkonium chloride (0.05%) -
143 General Mr Muscle Mold & Mildew Sodium hypochlorite (2.5%) A
144 General Mr Muscle Multi-Purpose Cleaner (Various Scents) Benzalkonium chloride (0.16%) C
145 General Multi-Surface Disinfectant MSD-70 Isopropanol (71%) B
146 General Nano Green Alcohol 75% Multi-Sanitizer Isopropanol (75%) B
147 General Nano Green IPA 75% Surface Sanitizer Isopropanol (75%) B
148 General Nano Green Non-Alcohol Multi-Sanitizer Benzalkonium chloride (0.5%) -
149 General Nano Green Surface Disinfectant Benzalkonium chloride (0.05%) -
150 General Nanoshield Hydro-E Hypochlorous acid (0.03%) A
151 General Netbiokem DSAM N-(3-aminopropyl)-N-dodecyl-1,3-propanediamine (1%) -
152 General Nila Shield Disinfecting Spray Ethanol (70%) B
153 General Oxivir Five 16 Concentrate Accelerated hydrogen peroxide (4.25%) C
154 General PA-T247 Intense HG Benzalkonium chloride (1%) -
155 General PathoCide Hypochlorous acid (0.0165%) A
156 General Pesttech Shield Surface Benzalkonium chloride (1%) -
157 General Phyto PA-247 Plus+ Benzalkonium chloride (0.05%) -
158 General Positive Wipes Alcohol Wipes Ethanol (75%) B
159 General Pristinz Hypochlorous acid (0.05%) A
160 General Pure Antimicrobial Concentrate Benzalkonium chloride (0.125%) A, C
161 General PURELL Professional Surface Disinfectant Ethanol (29.4%), Isopropanol (1.24%) B
162 General PURSUE Disinfectant Cleaner One Step Benzalkonium chloride (1.5%) C
163 General Q Shield Surface Care Benzalkonium chloride (0.65%) -
164 General QAC Kleen Benzalkonium chloride (5%) -
165 General Qacidal Benzalkonium chloride (0.056%) -
166 General QAIS Clear Hypochlorous acid (0.022%) A
167 General Q-Pine Disinfectant and Deodorizer Benzalkonium chloride (4%) -
168 General R.I.S.E Antimicrobial Shield Benzalkonium chloride (0.1%) -
169 General Redox Goodbye Germs Disinfectant Benzalkonium chloride (3%) -
170 General SAN-AIR Household and Commercial Disinfectant Isopropanol (39.9%) Lavender oil (0.368%) B, D
171 General Sani Kleen Benzalkonium chloride (0.5%) -
172 General SaniFAST Disinfectant Spray Benzalkonium chloride (0.15%), Ethanol (80%) B
173 General SaniFAST Pinetol Chloroxylenol (4.3%), Isopropanol (9%) C
174 General SaniFAST S Surface Sanitizer Benzalkonium chloride (0.15%), Ethanol (12%) B
175 General Saniplus+ Benzalkonium chloride (0.38%) -
176 General Sani-QUAT 555 Benzalkonium chloride (1.3%) -
177 General Sanitiser Guard Benzalkonium chloride (0.1%), Isopropanol (65%) B
178 General Scenssia Ultra Purifying Spray Benzalkonium chloride (0.5%) -
179 General sd Benzalkonium chloride (0.55%) -
180 General Serene Floral Benzalkonium chloride (0.5%) C
181 General Serene Fresh Benzalkonium chloride (0.5%) C
182 General Serene Pine Benzalkonium chloride (0.5%) C
183 General SHEPROS Nano Alpha 10 Multipurpose Disinfectant Cleaner Benzalkonium chloride (1.5%) C
184 General Simple Green Clean Finish Disinfectant Cleaner Benzalkonium chloride (0.15%) -
185 General Softess Anti-Bacterial Wet Wipes (Various Scents) Benzalkonium chloride (0.08%) -
186 General Soluball Floor and Surface Detergent Capsules (Various Scents) Benzalkonium chloride (1.5%) C
187 General Span Surface Cleaner Benzalkonium chloride (1.5%) C
188 General Sparks Disinfectant Didecyldimethylammonium chloride (0.3%) -
189 General Spray Nine Heavy Duty Cleaner / Degreaser / Disinfectant Benzalkonium chloride (0.15%) -
190 General Stella Home Fabric Spray Benzalkonium chloride (0.05%), Ethanol (25%) B
191 General Sterisept Ready to Use Didecyldimethylammonium chloride (0.45%) -
192 General SuperSteam AMG: Anti Mould Gel Sodium hypochlorite (1.7%) A
193 General Supersteam Double Safe Benzalkonium chloride (0.4%), Ethanol (60%) B
194 General Supersteam Double Safe (IPA) Benzalkonium chloride (0.4%), Isopropanol (70%) B
195 General SuperSteam Oxy-Q Hydrogen peroxide (7.5%), Benzalkonium chloride (0.08%) -
196 General SuperSteam Pine Fresh Benzalkonium chloride (3.2%) -
197 General Supersteam Sani Safe Benzalkonium chloride (0.4%) -
198 General SuperSteam Sani Safe (Foam) Benzalkonium chloride (0.4%) -
199 General Supersteam Sani-Pine Benzalkonium chloride (3.2%) C
200 General Supersteam Turbo Bleach Sodium hypochlorite (7%) A
201 General Sureclean Germclean Benzalkonium chloride (0.18%) -
202 General Surface Disinfectant (Rub & Clean) Benzalkonium chloride (0.3%) -
203 General Swipe It Multi Surface Disinfectant Solution (10X Concentrated) Benzalkonium chloride (3%) -
204 General Swipe It Multi Surface Disinfectant Solution (Ready to Use) Benzalkonium chloride (0.3%) -
205 General Swipe The Super Concentrate Disinfectant Floor Cleaner Benzalkonium chloride (3.2%) C
206 General Theo10 Disinfecting Atomizer Solution Benzalkonium chloride (0.05%) -
207 General Theo10 NACL+ Benzalkonium chloride (0.05%) -
208 General Trinirt Antibacterial Spray (RTU) Benzalkonium chloride (0.2%), Didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride (0.2%) -
209 General Twin BAC Floor Cleaner Benzalkonium chloride (1.0%) C
210 General Twin Pine Antiseptic Germicide Benzalkonium chloride (1.0%) C
211 General Vavie Strong Alkaline Cleaning Water Potassium hydroxide (0.8%) -
212 General Vega Clean AMC Benzalkonium chloride (0.5%) -
213 General VeltoxShield Benzalkonium chloride (0.2%) -
214 General Vimasol Disinfectant- Air and Surface Benzalkonium chloride (0.75%) -
215 General Virus Safe-Tech Disinfectant Benzalkonium chloride (2.22%) -
216 General Vsafe Multi-purpose Sanitiser Benzalkonium chloride (0.1%), Hydrogen peroxide (0.18%) -
217 General Walch Antiseptic Germicide (Various Scents) Chloroxylenol (4.5-5.5%) C
218 General White King Original Bleach Lemon Sodium hypochlorite (4.0%) A
219 General Wode Disinfectant Water Hypochlorous acid (Free active chlorine 0.05%) A
220 General Young Living Thieves® Spray Ethanol (72.6%) B
221 General Yuri Aganol Floor Cleaner Benzalkonium chloride (1%) -
222 General Yuri Bleach (Various Scents) Sodium hypochlorite (5.25%) A, C
223 General Yuri-Sol Benzalkonium chloride (1.7%) C
224 General Zappy Antibacterial Household & Kitchen Wipes Benzalkonium chloride (0.1%) -
225 General Zappy IPA 10S Alcohol Wipes 70% v/v Isopropyl Alcohol Isopropanol (70%) B
226 General Zazacorona Benzalkonium chloride (0.05%) -
227 General ZenCare Spray & Surface Sanitizer (901) Benzalkonium chloride (0.1%) -
228 Bathroom 4225 SANIKLEANER Benzalkonium chloride (0.4%) -
229 Bathroom Buster Bathroom Plughole Unblocker Sodium hypochlorite (3.2%) A
230 Bathroom Buster Plughole Block Preventer Sodium hypochlorite (3.4%) A
231 Bathroom Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner with Bleach Sodium hypochlorite (2.40%) A
232 Bathroom Dettol Healthy Clean Bathroom Benzalkonium chloride (0.1%), Hydrogen peroxide (1%) -
233 Bathroom Domex Professional Toilet & Bathroom Cleaner Sodium hypochlorite (3.0%) A, C
234 Bathroom Domex Ultra Thick Bleach Sodium hypochlorite (1 – 3%) A, C
235 Bathroom Harpic Bathroom Cleaner (Various Scents) Formic Acid (0.68%), Citric Acid (2.5%) -
236 Bathroom Magiclean Bathroom Stain & Mold Remover Sodium hypochlorite (2.7%) A
237 Bathroom Magiclean Dual Power Toilet Cleaner (Various Scent) Benzalkonium chloride (0.1%) -
238 Bathroom Magiclean Toilet Bleach Power Cleaner Sodium hypochlorite (3.2%) A, C
239 Bathroom MAX Clean Bathroom Cleaner - Mountain Fresh Benzalkonium chloride (0.1%) -
240 Bathroom McClean MerMaid Washroom Sanitary Cleaner Benzalkonium chloride (1.6%) -
241 Bathroom MoLi Bleach Sodium hypochlorite (4.5%) A
242 Bathroom Mr Muscle Bathroom 5 in 1 Benzalkonium chloride (0.24%) C
243 Bathroom Mr Muscle Foaming Bleach Gel (Various Scents) Sodium hypochlorite (3.0%) A
244 Bathroom Swipe Bathroom EX Bathroom Cleaner Benzalkonium chloride (0.16%) -
245 Bathroom Zazacorona Bathroom Cleaner Benzalkonium chloride (0.1%) -
246 Kitchen Dettol Healthy Clean Kitchen Benzalkonium chloride (0.1%) -
247 Kitchen Magiclean Kitchen Bleach Sodium hypochlorite (6%) A, C
248 Kitchen MAX Clean Kitchen Cleaner - Pink Grapefruit Benzalkonium chloride (0.2%) -
249 Kitchen Mr Muscle Kitchen Cleaner Benzalkonium chloride (0.24%) -
250 Kitchen Zazacorona Kitchen Cleaner Benzalkonium chloride (0.1%) -
251 Others Buster Plughole Pet Hair Unblocker Sodium hypochlorite (3.2%) A
252 Others Buster Professional Plughole Unblocker - Shower & Bath Sodium hypochlorite (3.2%) A
253 Others Magiclean Pipe & Sink Cleaner Sodium hypochlorite (2.7%) A
254 Others Magiclean Pipe & Sink Declogger Sodium hypochlorite (2.9%) A
255 Others Max Strength Drain Unblocker Sodium hypochlorite (1.6%) A
256 Others Mr Muscle Sink & Drain Declogger Sodium hypochlorite (4%) A
This list is based on the data submitted by the suppliers.

Any company marketing surface disinfectants or self-disinfecting surface coatings that are effective against coronaviruses can submit enquiries electronically via the Online Feedback Form or myENV mobile application.

Companies are encouraged to refer to NEA’s Technical Guidance on the Testing of Self-Disinfecting Surface Coatings against SARS-CoV-2 for more information on the testing guidelines for self-disinfecting surface coatings.