Hazardous Substances

Payment for Licence/Permit

With effect from 15 Apr 2004, the Licensing and Environmental Assessment Department (LEAD) will only accept payments of hazardous substances licence/permit fees through electronic means. Companies can make electronic payments either via eNets Debit, eNets Credit or Interbank GIRO.

If you have a hazardous substances licence/permit issued by LEAD, you may wish to make early preparation for electronic payments of the fees to LEAD so as not cause any delay to the renewal or amendments of your hazardous substances licence/permit.

Payment Via Interbank GIRO

If you have already opened a GIRO account with the bank through LEAD, LEAD will arrange with the respective banks to deduct the hazardous substances licence/permit fees through GIRO.

If you have to open a GIRO account, you may do so by completing the form attached and submit the completed form to LEAD by post or by hand. Please note that it will take 14 working days for your GIRO account to be activated.




Payment Using eNets Debit/eNets Credit

Alternatively, you may make your electronic payment using eNets Debit/eNets Credit online here. Under the Hazardous Substances menu, you are to click on 'Status of Applications' and log into the system with your application reference number. You may then select the 'Make Payment' option to make your payment.