Chemical Safety

Transportation of Hazardous Substances


A hazardous substance transport approval (HSTA) is required for the transportation of hazardous substances in quantities exceeding those stipulated in the Schedule of the EPM (HS) Regulations (Table 2). The licence holder can submit an application for a Hazardous Substances Transport Approval by clicking here:

Application for a transport approval shall be accompanied by a transportation emergency response plan (TERP) that has been prepared in accordance to SCDF’s format.

For transportation using road tankers or tank containers or other bulk packagings (equal or less than 450kg in capacity), certified true copies of the tanker/tank container inspection certificates issued by an approved third party inspection body shall be attached together with drawing details to the application.

A GoBusiness User Guide for HSTA Bulk Packaging Applications can be found here.

Approved routes and timings

Transportation shall be carried out using the approved routes and timings specified in the transport approval.

The recommended routes for transportation are as indicated in the map (See link at the bottom of the page).

The recommended timings for transportation are between 9am and 5pm from Monday to Saturday. No transportation is allowed on Sundays and public holidays.

Transportation outside office hours

Road transportation of hazardous substances that are beyond approved transportation hours are subject to NEA's approval on a case by case basis. Such transportation, if approved, shall be escorted in a separate vehicle by trained emergency response personnel, the HS Licence holder, or a competent person appointed by him.

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Approved Transportation Map and Routes
Transport approval map 
HS Route Code