Hazardous Substances

Guidance Notes for Application

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Guidance Notes For Filling of Hazardous Substances Licence/Permit Application Form

1. Instructions

You are required to go through these notes before filling the application form in GoBusiness. Please retain this set of notes with you for future reference.

The application form for Hazardous Substances Licence/Permit can be used to apply for a

  • Hazardous Substances Licence issued under the Environmental Protection and Management Act for the import, use, storage and supply of hazardous substances controlled under the Act.
  • Hazardous Substances Permit issued under the Environmental Protection and Management (Hazardous Substances) Regulations for purchasing hazardous substances controlled under the Regulations from local supplier for own use and/or for storage.

2. Guidance Notes

(To be read together with the application form)

Section 1 - Purpose of Application (for Hazardous Substances Licence Only)

Please tick the relevant box to indicate the reason for your application.

Section 1 - Particulars of Company

The company name and registered address shall be the same as the name and address that your company filed with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority.

Section 1 - Particulars of Applicant

Applicant's name shall be the same as in NRIC, PR status, work permit or employment pass.

Applicant for a Hazardous Substances Licence should be a professional in his field or a senior management staff in his company. His academic qualification must be at least a technical diploma. He will be required to sit and pass the Management of Hazardous Substances (MHS) course. MHS course is not required for applicant dealing with only (i) Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) and Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) other than Methyl Bromide, (ii) Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) in Electrical and Electronic Equipment and (iii) paints in which the total lead exceeds 0.009% by weight of the paint.

Applicant for a Hazardous Substances Permit should be a management staff in his company.

Section 2 - Purpose of Hazardous Substances

Please tick the relevant box to indicate the purpose for the hazardous substances in your application. You may tick more than one box. Please specify the use of the Hazardous Substances in Section 3 and/or 4 for each and every substance.

Section 3 - Details of Storage Premises/Facilities

Address of Store:
Please state address of storage premises.

If you propose to store the hazardous substances at more than one premises, you may add new storage premises at Section 3 of the application form

If storage is not required, please update Section 4 with the hazardous substance and its respective transaction modes of import, transport, sales and/or use of hazardous substances that will be carried out (e.g. deliver direct from port to customer's store or from supplier's store to port, etc).

Industrial Allocation / Industrial Siting Consultation Letter
The letter shall be submitted along with the respective Hazardous Substances Licence/Permit application relating to a new site premises. The letter shall include details of the proposed activity at the listed industrial premises. 

No-objection letter (for storage at a 3rd party warehouse)
If your company proposes to store hazardous substances at an approved chemical warehouse, please attach a letter of consent from the warehouse (along with company letterhead) stating the name, percentage and maximum quantity of hazardous substances to allow for storage at the stated premises.

No. and Capacity of Fixed Storage Tanks
Please indicate the number and capacity of the tank(s), along with the hazardous substances intended to be stored in the bulk tank. The Certificate of Statutory Completion (CSC) for the bulk tank shall be uploaded along with the application as a supporting document. Alternatively, a certification of the fixed bulk tank from a Professional Engineer is acceptable as well.

Emergency Response Plan to Mitigate a Spill/Release of Hazardous Substances

The plan needs to address the containment/mitigation procedures, the equipment used for mitigation of any incidents involving a spill/release of hazardous substances, the collection and disposal of contaminated waste generated from the incident. 

Section 3 - Particulars of Hazardous Substances- Require Storage and 

Section 4 - Particulars of Hazardous Substances - Do Not Require Storage

The list of hazardous substances controlled under the Environmental Protection and Management Act is in Table 1.

The list of hazardous substances controlled under the Environmental Protection and Management (Hazardous Substances) Regulations is in Table 2.

The list of ODS controlled under the Environmental Protection and Management (Ozone Depleting Substances) Regulations 2000 is in Table 3. You are required to fill in the particulars of the ODS based on groups.

Name of Hazardous SubstanceThis refers to correct technical name of the hazardous substances.
Max Purity (%)This refers to the maximum concentration, grade, or purity in percentage (%) of the pure substance
Physical FormPlease indicate whether the hazardous substance is a solid, liquid or gas
Unit Capacity of ContainerThis refers to the size of small packaging (such as bottles, carboys, drums) and bulk tanks for storage in kg / litre / metric ton.
Max Qty Stored At Any One TimePlease estimate the maximum aggregate quantity of the hazardous substances to be stored at any one time in kg / litre / metric ton.
Specify Use/Type of CustomerPlease state the use of the hazardous substance. If it is to be sold, state whether it is for trading or import/ export.

Section 5 - Transportation

A Transport Approval will have to be applied separately if you transport hazardous substances in quantities exceeding those listed in The Schedule of the Environmental Protection and Management (Hazardous Substances) Regulations. Please note that a valid Hazardous Substance Licence is a pre-requisite for application of Transport Approval. Please see Table 2.

Guidelines on Transport Approval application are available at https://www.nea.gov.sg/our-services/pollution-control/chemical-safety/transportation-of-hazardous-substances.