Industrial Sector

Appointment of Energy Manager

  1. A registered corporation shall appoint from among its employees not less than one energy manager who shall possess the qualifications prescribed in paragraph (4).

  2. Subject to paragraph (3), a registered corporation shall notify the Director-General of every appointment of an energy manager within 30 days of the appointment using the electronic service provided at

  3. A registered corporation shall notify the Director-General of the appointment of its first energy manager not later than 30 days after registration.

  4. With effect from 1 April 2014, no person may be employed as an energy manager unless he:

    a) holds a Singapore Certified Energy Manager (Professional Level) certificate issued by the Institution of Engineers, Singapore; or

    b) holds such other qualification and experience which the Director-General may approve as being, in his opinion, substantially equivalent to any qualification referred to in paragraph (a).

  5. An application by a person under paragraph (4)(b) for approval of his qualification and experience to be appointed as an energy manager shall be in writing and be accompanied by the following:

    a) a copy of the applicant's certificate showing his energy manager qualification;

    b) a copy of the applicant's university degree or equivalent qualification;

    c) written evidence of the applicant's practical experience in the work of energy management, which shall include details of the duration and a description of the practical experience; and

    d) such other evidence or particulars as the Director-General considers necessary to determine the application.

  6. You may refer to the circular Requirements under Energy Conservation Act (ECA) to Promote Continual Energy Efficiency (EE) Improvement on requirements for appointment of energy manager. 

  7. A person who is aggrieved by the Director-General's decision in refusing to grant an approval under paragraph (4)(b), may, within 30 days from the date he is notified of the Director-General's decision, appeal to the Minister in writing.

  8. The Minister may, after considering the appeal, dismiss or allow the appeal, unconditionally or subject to such conditions as he thinks fit, and the decision shall be confirmed, rescinded or varied in such manner as the Minister may decide.

  9. The Minister may, in considering an appeal under paragraph (6), give the appellant an opportunity to make representations in writing.

  10. The decision of the Minister in any appeal under paragraph (6) shall be final.

  11. A person shall not be employed or act as an energy manager for more than one corporation at any point in time.

  12. If an energy manager vacates his appointment:

    a) the registered corporation shall, within 30 days after the vacation of the appointment, notify the Director-General of that fact using the electronic service provided at; and

    b) if the energy manager who vacates his office is the only energy manager of a registered corporation, the registered corporation shall notify the Director-General of the appointment of the substitute energy manager within 90 days after the vacation of the appointment.

  13. If the only energy manager of a registered corporation vacates his appointment, the corporation may designate another employee to perform the energy manager's responsibilities pending the appointment of another energy manager.

  14. Every application for a waiver shall:

    a) be in writing;

    b) state the reasons for the registered corporation's inability to comply with the requirements; and 

    c) be accompanied by supporting documents (if any).