Smoking Prohibition Extension

Orchard Road No Smoking Zone

Designated Smoking Areas 
Designated Smoking Areas (DSAs) along the Orchard Road No Smoking Zone can continue to operate with safe distancing measures. Owners or operators of premises must ensure the following:
  • Crowd management
    • Use floor markers to mark standing positions of at least two metres apart within the DSA.
  •  Display of signage
    • Signage to inform users of the maximum capacity of the DSAs.
  • Queue management
    • Mark queue lines at a distance of at least one metre apart in the direction that is away from the main pedestrian flow or at the natural entrance of the DSAs.
  • TraceTogether SafeEntry
    • Implement TraceTogether SafeEntry and put up notices to remind users to check in/out when smoking within the DSA.  
Non-compliance with the relevant safe distancing measures is an offence under the COVID (Temporary Measures) (Control Order) Regulations 2020.

NEA will continue with enforcement at smoking prohibited areas, including the Orchard Road No Smoking Zone.
Since 1 January 2019, public areas within the Orchard Road precinct have been designated as a No Smoking Zone (NSZ), where smoking is only allowed in Designated Smoking Areas (DSAs).

The National Environment Agency (NEA) works closely with the Orchard Road Business Association (ORBA), public agencies, as well as owners and management of building premises in the Orchard Road precinct to ensure a smooth implementation. 

Towards and at the start of the NSZ, the NEA raised public awareness through various platforms such as:

  1. deployment of volunteers to conduct outreach in the NSZ;
  2. provision of publicity materials for display within stakeholders’ premises;
  3. distribution of brochures listing DSA locations at shopping malls and point-of-sales of tobacco products;
  4. DSA locations and NSZ boundary information were made available through myENV app, OneMap and NEA’s corporate website;
  5. display of signage at lamp posts and bins in the NSZ;
  6. advertisements at selected MRT stations (Orchard, Somerset, Newton ,Dhoby Ghaut, Changi Airport) and bus stops, and on buses that ply Orchard Road;
  7. online mobile banner displays to extend the campaign reach; and
  8. partnering Singapore Tourism Board to reach out to travel agents/tour guides

Smoking corners within the No Smoking Zone

All smoking corners at retail food establishments within the NSZ were rescinded by 31 December 2018. Since 30 June 2017, NEA has stopped accepting applications for new smoking corners in retail food establishments island-wide.

Smoking enforcement

To facilitate a smooth implementation of the NSZ, NEA took a three-month advisory approach from 1 January to 31 March 2019, where those caught smoking in other public areas within the NSZ received verbal warnings or written advisories. Since 1 April 2019, enforcement action was taken against all individuals who smoke in public areas within the NSZ, other than at DSAs. Smokers caught smoking outside the DSAs within the Orchard Road NSZ may face a composition fine of $200, or up to the maximum court fine of $1,000.  

Premises owners are encouraged within the NSZ to demarcate DSAs and put up directional signage within their premises, if they deem it necessary to facilitate the convenience of smokers among their occupants and visitors.

Operators and managers of smoking prohibited premises are required by law to request smokers to cease smoking or leave the premises if they wish to continue smoking. Operators and managers should also ensure sufficient “No Smoking By Law” signage are displayed in conspicuous locations to remind smokers that smoking is prohibited.

Everyone can help to ensure the effective implementation of the Orchard Road NSZ. Smokers are reminded to be socially responsible and considerate when smoking in public places and to smoke in permitted areas [1] or DSAs only. Friendly and timely reminders from family, friends and other members of the community can also help to reinforce the right social behaviour and norms.


[1] "Permitted areas" refers to indoor smoking rooms in certain places such as office premises and entertainment outlets (e.g. pubs, bars, lounges) as permitted under the Smoking (Prohibition in Certain Places) Act.