Water Quality

Aquatic Facilities (AF)

The National Environment Agency (NEA) regulates the quality of water in all licensable aquatic facilities with water recirculation system in Singapore, which include swimming pools, water playgrounds (including interactive water fountains) and multi-use spa pools located at all non-residential premises.


Licensing and Lab Test Results Submissions

All licensable aquatic facilities will require an AF licence to operate, under the Environmental Public Health (Licensable Aquatic Facilities) Regulations 2021 [PDF, 121.4 KB]. The definition of all 3 types of licensable AF can be found in the Environmental Public Health (Licensable Aquatic Facilities) Order 2021 [PDF, 83.93 KB].

Upon obtaining the licence, the licensee will be required to enaure that the water quality of their AF complies with the regulatory limits stipulated in the Regulations by arranging for the AF water to be tested in a testing laboratory accredited by the Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC) and submitting water quality test results to NEA at the frequency stipulated in the Regulations.

Licence application and the submission of water quality test results for the licensed AF are to be submitted online via GoBusiness. Step-by-step user guides can be found as follow:

  1. Step-by-step User Guide on AF Licence Application [PDF, 1MB]
  2. Step-by-step User Guide on AF Lab Test Result Submission [PDF, 5MB]

The standard excel template for AF lab test results bulk upload submission can be found as follows:

  1. Standard excel template for lab test bulk submission upload [XLSX, 19 KB]

Licensees must also maintain the cleanliness of their aquatic facilities.

More information can also be found in the Circular and FAQs on Application of Aquatic Facility Licence [PDF, 228 KB].


Code of Practice on Environmental Health (COPEH) 2021

The minimum design criteria for licensable aquatic facilities at building plan submission, can be found in section 5 of Code of Practice on Environmental Health (COPEH) 2021 [PDF, 699.1 KB]


Notifying NEA on AF Closed for Repair or Renovation Works

When the Aquatic Facility (pool) is closed for repair or renovation works, please notify NEA by filling up Form - Notifying the Closure of Licensed Aquatic Facility (AF) for Repair or Renovation Works [PDF, 110 KB] and send it via https://www.nea.gov.sg/feedback.


  1. Guidelines on the Use of Chlorine-containing Chemicals for Disinfection of Swimming Pools (joint circular issued by MOM, NEA, SCDF and SPF) [PDF, 121 KB]