Radiation Safety

Administrative Changes to N2 and N3 Non Ionising Radiation Licences


1. N2 licence no longer required for industrial ultrasound apparatus with power output less than 1,200W

The power output threshold for which industrial ultrasound apparatus requires the N2 licence is revised to 1,200W. For existing N2 licensees with licensed industrial ultrasound apparatus below 1,200W, you are not required to renew the N2 licence for these apparatus after 1 August 2019. Should you receive any licence renewal notice or reminder sent to you for renewal of an industrial ultrasound apparatus below 1,200 W, you may ignore it.

2. Removal of requirement for N3 licence for medical and dentistry professionals

Medical and dentistry professionals registered with the Singapore Medical Council and the Singapore Dental Council no longer require N3 licences for the use of medical lasers in healthcare institutions (as defined in the Private Hospitals and Medical Clinics Act), if they have obtained the consent of both of the following persons to use a medical laser at a healthcare institution:

  1. The individual in charge of that healthcare institution;
  2. The licensee of the N2 licence granted in respect of that medical laser.
3. Revised N2 licence structure and licence fees

The N2 licence may now be granted in respect of two or more non-ionising irradiating apparatus under the charge of the same licensee. This means that one N2 licence may cover two or more irradiating apparatus. The following fees are applicable to the new N2 licence. 


Application for an N2 licence

$155 per irradiating apparatus in respect of which the licence is to be granted

Application to alter the list of irradiating apparatus in respect of which an N2 licence is granted

$155 per irradiating apparatus added to the list

Annual fee for an N2 licence

$65 per irradiating apparatus in respect of which the licence is granted

4. Application of licences online through the Gobusiness portal

Applications for N2 licences (New, Amendment, Cancellation) under the Radiation Protection Act can be submitted via online application forms through GoBusiness Singapore Portal (https://www.gobusiness.gov.sg/licences).

The payment methods for N2 licence applications submitted through GoBusiness Singapore Portal can be found in the Guidelines for Licence Application and Annual Payment.

Please note that hardcopy licence application forms are no longer accepted.