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Fumigation in Singapore

Fumigation operations in Singapore are regulated under the Hydrogen Cyanide (Fumigation) Act 1947 and Hydrogen Cyanide (Fumigation) Regulations. Fumigation refers to the application of fumigants (i.e., Hydrogen Cyanide, Methyl Bromide or Hydrogen Phosphide) to an enclosed space, usually for the treatment of pests within stored products or wood packaging materials (e.g., pallets). Fumigation of products are also carried out to meet export certification and biosecurity requirements of the destination countries

Fumigator Licence and Fumigation Permit

A Fumigator Licence is required for any person who wishes to carry out and to oversee a fumigation operation in Singapore. Applicants for the fumigator licence must meet the following licensing requirements:

  • pass the Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level “GCE ‘O’ level”;
  • produce a certificate of medical fitness;
  • produce a valid first aid certificate;
  • have undergone a continuous 18-month period of apprenticeship with a licensed fumigator; and
  • pass an examination conducted by NEA.

A Fumigation Permit must be obtained prior to conducting each fumigation operation. Fumigators are advised to apply for the fumigation permits early, to avoid potential delays in permit approvals.  

Fumigator Licence/Fumigation Permit applications are to be made via the GoBusiness Licensing Portal

Code of Practice for Fumigation Personnel

The Code of Practice for Fumigation Personnel serves as a reference for fumigation companies, fumigators, and fumigation staff on precautions to adopt to ensure the safety of relevant personnel and members of the public, during the use of fumigants and related activities.

A Fumigation Management Plan (FMP) documenting the safety procedures on the use of the fumigant, and emergency protocols, should be prepared prior to the commencement of each fumigation operation.  For fumigation operations with a total enclosure size > 1,000m3, fumigators are required to submit a notification to NEA via FormSG at least 1 month in advance. NEA may request for an advance submission of the FMP for review with the relevant authorities. The fumigation permit will only be issued once the FMP is in order.

The Code of Practice for Fumigation Personnel is available for download here

List of Fumigation Companies

A list of fumigation companies is available for download here.