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Registration and Renewal of Regulated Goods

Registered suppliers who import or manufacture the following regulated goods are required to register such goods with NEA before they are supplied in Singapore.

  • Air-conditioner (including single-phase Portable Air-Conditioner)
  • Refrigerator
  • Clothes Dryer
  • Television
  • Lamp
  • Fluorescent Lamp Ballast
  • Three-phase VRF Air-Conditioner
  • Three-phase Induction Motor

How to Register

Registration shall be made online using the ELS Online Portal. The following information and documents are required for registration:

Technical File

Registered suppliers shall maintain a technical file for each registered model throughout the validity period of the Certificate of Registration (COR). The technical file shall be in English and contain the following documents for each registered model:

Upon request, the technical file shall be made available to NEA within 5 working days.

Registration by an Appointed Third-Party

Registered suppliers can appoint a third-party to register their regulated goods on their behalf. For such a case, the third-party representative shall submit a letter of authorization [DOC, 25kB] from the registered supplier at the point of registration.

Registration of Single-Phase Split Type Air-Conditioners

The registration of single-phase split type air-conditioners shall be accompanied by a declaration of the COP100% values for all combinations of indoor units supplied in Singapore. Please submit a letter of declaration [DOC, 36kB] during registration.

Registration of Family of Models

A family of models can be registered in a single application. Models are considered to be from the same “family” if they are identical but have different physical characteristics that do not affect their energy efficiency e.g. colour and finishing.

Addition of New Model to An Existing Family of Registered Models

If a new model is to be added to an existing family of registered models, and the test report of the existing family of models is applicable to the new model, the registered supplier shall notify NEA to include the new model under the registration of the existing family of models. The notification shall be made through the ELS Online Portal.

Modification to Registered Model Without Change of Model Number

If a registered model is modified without a change in model number, the registered supplier shall notify NEA of the modification before the modified model is supplied in Singapore. The notification shall be made through the ELS Online Portal. The registered supplier shall also maintain a record of the modification in the technical file for the registered model.

If the modification is made by the manufacturer and changes the energy efficiency of the registered model, the registered supplier shall also submit a test report showing the energy efficiency of the modified model.

Modification to Registered Model Resulting in Change of Model Number

A registered model has to be re-registered if the model number is changed, regardless of whether its energy efficiency has changed.

Renewal of Registration of Registrable Goods

A registered model’s Certificate of Registration (COR) is valid for 3 years. Registered suppliers who wish to continue supplying a registered model beyond the validity of the COR must apply to renew the COR at least 2 weeks, but not earlier than 90 days, before it expires.

How to Renew

Application for renewal shall be made online. The application can be made through the ELS Online Portal. The following information and documents are required for renewal:

  • Company administrator’s CorpPass 
  • Certificate of Registration number
  • Letter of authorization, if the registration is made by an appointed third-party
  • Electronic copy of the new test report for registered model which is modified without a change in model number, if applicable

Registration of Three-Phase Induction Motors with Customized Nameplate/Brand

If registered three-phase induction motor suppliers intend to supply motor models with customized nameplate/brand in Singapore market, three-phase induction motor suppliers shall be required to register these motor models as new registrations. This is regardless of whether the original three-phase induction motor models have been registered with NEA or not.

Registration Fees

More Information

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