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Tick Rating


In order to help consumers better identify the more energy efficient models and spur suppliers to offer more efficient products, the energy rating system for air-conditioners, refrigerators and clothes dryers was revised on 1 September 2014.

The revised rating system is more stringent than the old one. Most models rated 4 ticks under the old energy rating system [PDF, 497.62 KB]  are now assigned a rating of 2 ticks under the revised rating system.

Currently there are few models in Singapore rated 4 and 5 ticks, but this will change over time. The revised 4- and 5-tick bands will encourage the developers to introduce more high efficiency models into Singapore in the future. Consumers can look forward to greater choice and more cost savings.

The current tick rating is defined as follows:

Single-Phase Air-conditioners

1 COP100% is defined as the ratio of total cooling capacity to effective power input at full load cooling capacity
2 For split (inverter) type air-conditioners, the model shall meet both the minimum COP100% and weighted COP
3 Weighted COP = 0.4 x COP100% + 0.6 x COP
4 N is the number of indoor and outdoor units
5 Standby power is expressed in Watts


6 Vadj tot is defined here.
7 'Through-the-door ice dispenser' means an automatic ice maker coupled with a device that delivers ice on demand externally through a door

Clothes Dryers

8Rated Capacity means the mass in kilograms of a particular type of dry textiles which, according to the instructions of the manufacturer of the clothes dryer, can be treated in a particular drying programme suitable for drying the particular type of dry textile.                                


9 On-Mode Power Consumption or P means the power consumed by the television when it produces sound
and picture
10 Screen area is expressed in square decimetre


Δɸ is the rated luminous flux in lumen.

For covered CFLi, Plamp = Pcovered CFLi x 0.95

TypeRated Lamp Efficacy (ղlamp) in Lumen/Watts 
1 tick 2 ticks 3 ticks 
(i) CFLni 
(ii) T8 LFL
(iii) LED lamp designed as a direct replacement for CFLni and T8 LFL without requiring any
internal modification of the luminaires 
ղlamp < 110   110 ≤ ղlamp < 135     ղlamp ≥ 135

Three-Phase VRF Air-Conditioners



Integrated Energy Efficiency Ratio (IEER)11 

 1 tick

2 ticks 

3 ticks 

4 ticks 

5 ticks 

Any base module/unit of Three-phase VRF air-conditioner

4.35 ≤ IEER < 4.80   

4.80 ≤ IEER < 5.25 

5.25 ≤ IEER < 5.70 

5.70 ≤ IEER < 6.15 

IEER ≥ 6.15  

11Integrated Energy Efficiency Ratio (IEER) = 0.125*COP at 25% + 0.238*COP at 50% + 0.617*COP at 75% + 0.020*COP at 100%.

  • Coefficient of Performance (COP) is ratio of cooling capacity to effective power consumption at T1 test conditions under ISO 15042(2017).
  • Effective Power input is the average power input to the equipment obtained from operation of compressor(s), electric heating devices used only for defrosting, all control and safety devices and operations of all fans, whether provided with equipment or not.