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CleanEnviro Solutions

CleanEnviro Solutions encapsulates the outcomes of the CleanEnviro Summit Singapore, the premier global platform for urban environmental practitioners. With key statistics, facts and interviews, the publication captures the commercial trends and expert perspectives shaping environmental management worldwide. It showcases how industry and governments can solve today’s environmental challenges. Opportunities abound, and there is no shortage of growth prospects for the environmental industry. 

Download a copy of CleanEnviro Solutions 2014 here [PDF, 1.59 MB].

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CleanEnviro Solutions 2012-2013 [PDF, 11.3 MB]

Environmental Health Institute's Peer-reviewed Journal Publications

EHO’s research outcomes which have been published in local and international peer-reviewed scientific journals

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NEA’s biannual technical publication, produced by the Singapore Environment Institute (SEI)

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Habitats in Harmony: The Semakau Landfill Story

A commemorative book to mark the 10th anniversary of the Semakau Landfill, which chronicles the successful development of the landfill as part of Singapore’s waste management strategy, and its rich and vibrant biodiversity

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NEA 10th Anniversary Commemorative Book

A commemorative book celebrating NEA’s 10th Anniversary, entitled “Our Environment – Safeguard, Nurture, Cherish”. It showcases the varied and fascinating work that NEA engages in, seen through the eyes of staff members.  

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SEI Yearbook

The SEI Yearbook FY2016 (The Review) takes stock of our achievements in environmental knowledge documentation and capacity building in the past financial year. 

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Sustainable Environment: Balancing Growth with the Environment

Co-produced by NEA and the Centre for Liveable Cities (CLC), this fourth publication under the Urban Systems Studies (USS) Booklet Series presents a historical account of the environmental and economic policy objectives, including the trade-offs required and the implementation of adaptive environmental policy to meet changing economic demands. Two key dilemmas framing the study are the need for economic growth versus environmental preservation; and the realisation of short-term versus long-term benefits.ncluding the trade-offs required and the implementation of adaptive environmental policy to meet changing economic demands

Published by Cengage Learning Asia Pte Ltd, it is available for sale in hardcopy at SGD $18.90 or eBook at SGD$9.90 by placing your orders through e-mail

The Weather and Climate of Singapore

Published by the Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS), this book will help readers appreciate the weather which influences our lives in many ways.

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Worldwide Sustainability Timeline Booklet

This booklet depicts the 50-year Worldwide Sustainability Timeline (1962 - 2012), capturing key local and international sustainability events that have made a difference.  

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