Educational Materials


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Pop-up display 

Pull-up Banner 

Display area required  3mL x 0.5mW x 2.3mH 1mL x 0.3mW x 2mH
Display Views
(front, side and back views)
Pop-up display Pull-up banner 

Dengue Prevention

[EXDPX]  Exhibit: Dengue Prevention (Pop-up display)

Keep Singapore Clean

[EXKSCX]  Exhibit: Keep Singapore Clean (Pop-up display)

Say YES to Waste Less

[EXSYTWLX]  Exhibit: Say YES to Waste Less (Pop-up display)

Recycle Right

[EXRRX]  Exhibit: Recycle Right (Pop-up display)

Climate Change 

[EXCCX]  Exhibit: Climate Change (Pop-up display)

Rodent Control

[EX RC1] Rat Control (Pull-up Banner)