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For posters request, you are advised to download the softcopy posters from this website and the following 2 websites:

1. NEA Website

  • Educational Materials on Public Cleanliness, Climate Action, Dengue Prevention, Energy Conversation, Waste Minimisation & Recycling and Smoking Prohibition (Please scroll down in this page to view the list of posters)

2. Clean & Green Singapore Website

  • Various Environmental Topics

3. SG Clean Website

  • Safe Distancing and 7 Habits of Good Public Hygiene

  • Guides – For Stallholders and Cleaners/Handwashing

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Clean public toilets

[T1] Do Not Squat On Toilet Bowls 
[T2] Use The Hand Dryer or Hand Towel 
[T3] Flush Thoroughly After Use
[T4] Put Litter Into Bins 
[T5] Our Toilet Keep It Clean 

Climate Action

[EX CA1] Climate Action 2018 

Dengue Prevention

[D1] Fight Dengue pamphlet [PDF, 3.32 MB]
[D2] Mozzie Wipeout Checklist
[D3] Fight Dengue 

Energy conservation

[E1] Switch Me Off
[E2] How Electricity Generation Affects The Environment
[E3] Save Energy Save Money poster 1
[E4] Save Energy Save Money poster 2
[E5] Do Your Part Be Energy Smart poster
[E6] Do Your Part Be Energy Smart stickers
[E7] Resource Efficiency Guide for New Home Owners

Waste minimisation and recycling

3Rs poster [PDF, 1.91 MB] 


CASE: The Consumer 2014 Issue 1 (indoor air quality educational material) [PDF, 1.68 MB] 
CASE: The Consumer 2014 Issue 2 (indoor air quality educational material) [PDF, 3.17 MB] 
Dengue Prevention Tips for Construction, Factory and Shipyard Workers  
Smoking Prohibition