June-July 2020

Southeast Asia's Journey to Circularity

Envision Lite Issue 1-12
Recycling Collector in Indonesia. Source: GA Circular

Envision Lite Issue 1-13
Food Waste being processed in Depok, Indonesia.
Source: GA Circular

Envision Lite Issue 1-14
A Junk Shop in Indonesia. Source: GA Circular

Linear economies in Southeast Asia have undoubtedly contributed to increased waste generated across the region. In this case, the circular economy approach has once again stood out as an essential and evolutionary strategy to reduce and close waste loops globally.

In order for the triumph of the circular economy approach, all stakeholders have an important part to play. From government bodies, to non-profit organisations, to everyday people, the synergy between different groups is crucial in closing waste loops around the world.

In the upcoming issue of ENVISION, Nitya Sarma and Abishek Balasubramaniam explore the roles informal waste recycling sector, government policies and consumer behavior play in going forward toward effectively managing and reducing waste generated.

Stay tuned!