Waste Management

Reverse Vending Machines

About Reverse Vending Machines
NEA and F&N have embarked on an initiative to roll out smart Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) across Singapore. This aims to encourage Singaporeans to adopt an eco-conscious lifestyle by offering them a convenient way to recycle. Simply recycle your drinks containers (aluminium cans or plastic bottles) by depositing them in our RVMs!

RVM School Education Programme (under the Recycle N Save Initiative)
To inculcate recycling habits from a young age, NEA and F&N launched the RVM School Education Programme under the Recycle N Save initiative in March 2020.  Under this initiative, RVMs are placed in participating Primary and Secondary Schools. 

Participating schools organise their own activities to encourage the practice of the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) among the students, such as holding recycling competitions between the different levels and classes within the schools. Schools can tap on NEA’s Environment Fund for Schools to support these activities.

Interested schools who wish to participate in the RVM School Education Programme can enquire with F&N Foods. 

RVM Locations

For more information on the Recycle N Save initiative and locations of the RVMs, please visit RecycleNSave.sg.