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About Food Resource Valorisation Awards

In January 2021, the National Environment Agency launched the Food Resource Valorisation Awards to recognise the efforts of companies that engage in food waste valorisation and raise awareness of the food waste valorisation concept. 

The Food Resource Valorisation Awards seek to encourage more organisations to adopt and develop food waste valorisation solutions, by recognising companies that engage in the conversion of food waste, such as homogenous by-products, rejects and mixed food waste, into products that contribute to a sustainable economy. 

There are 2 award categories in the Food Resource Valorisation Awards:

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Food Resource Valorisation Awards 2021 and Industry Awareness Briefing

The inaugural Food Resource Valorisation Awards 2021 was held on 29 September 2021, 9am to 11.30am.

The Food Resource Valorisation Awards 2021 recipients are:

 Merit Award Contact Info 
 1. Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore
 2. Bee Joo Industries Pte Ltd
 3. Insectta
  Participation Award 
 4. A1 Environment Pte Ltd
 5. Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE), A*STAR
 6. CRUST Group
 7. Ento Industries Pte Ltd
 8. Insect Feed Technologies (IFT)
 9. Kosmode Health Singapore Pte Ltd
 10. Otolith Enrichment
 11. Singnergy Corporation Pte Ltd
Find out more about the award recipients here.

The event also included an Industry Awareness Briefing where experts and award recipients shared about the current effort and future direction of food resource valorisation. The presentation slides can be found below. 

Keynote Presentation by Professor William Chen, Director, NTU Food Science & Technology Programme

Tech Innovations for Food Waste Reduction

Food waste is an increasingly pressing environmental, social and economic problem worldwide including Southeast Asia. Singapore generated 665,000 tons of food waste in 2020. Technology innovations have been developed in Singapore and beyond to reduce waste generation and improve waste valorisation towards upcycling. An efficient food system developed on a zero-waste circular economy would in turn enhance our national food security. 

Sharing by Ms Patricia Lee, Corporate Affairs Director, Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore

Brew a Better World

As the largest brewery in Singapore, Asia Pacific Breweries has been at the forefront of Singapore’s drive to becoming a green economy and sustainable city. Sustainability is integral to its business strategy where it aims to brew a better world through reduced carbon emissions, waste reduction, and water conservation, among other goals. 

Sharing by Ms Chua Kai-Ning, Co-founder/Chief Marketing Officer, Insectta

Waste to Gold: Insects
Imagine a future where insects power our healthcare and electronics. Insectta is marrying the amazing food waste valorisation abilities of the black soldier fly, with breakthrough innovations, to reimagine food waste as a source of biomaterials for our pharmaceuticals, bioelectronics, and personal wellness. 

Sharing by Ms Florence Leong, Co-founder/Director, Kosmode Health Singapore

KosmodeHealth - our valorisation journey

KosmodeHealth extracts protein & fibre from barley spent grains (BSG) into protein fibre powder, formulates the powder into functional premix, and has created the only starchless noodle that doesn't trigger post prandual blood sugar elevation. 

Watch the recording of the presentations here, with the timestamps denoted below. 
  • Presentation by Keynote Speaker: (30:54) 
  • Presentation by Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore: (1:16:37) 
  • Presentation by Insectta: (1:29:06) 
  • Presentation by Kosmode Health Singapore: (1:41:00)