NEA-Industry Scholarship

Ms Yee Zi Yin

Zi Yin


School of Study: Republic Polytechnic

Diploma: Environmental Science

Sponsor: Horsburgh Integrated Services Pte Ltd 


On scholarship opportunities...

“I would like to develop myself in the Environment Services industry, as I have a strong passion for the environment. The NEA-Industry Scholarship is a good starting point to join the industry. I look forward to applying what I have learnt from school to a real-world context, and to work with the environment in a greater capacity."

Passionate about the Environment

I hope to see more people adopting environmentally friendly practices in their daily living to reduce unnecessary waste. I also hope to address environmental challenges at a local, regional, and international level, and build the knowledge, skills and analytical tools to do so. 

Learning through hands on experience at work 

In my new role in the company, I look forward to being exposed to different opportunities, which would allow me to have a greater insight into the work of the Environmental Services Industry, and to understand its different parts, as well as the career progression opportunities  available for new entrants like myself.