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Design for Maintainability

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About the Initiative

Since 2018, Building and Construction Authority (BCA) has been working closely with NEA and other industry stakeholders to drive the adoption of Design for Maintainability (DfM) to support the Facility Management (FM) and Environmental Services (ES) sectors’ transformation. DfM is key in ensuring that downstream maintenance considerations are accounted for at upstream planning and design so maintenance regimes are safer and more resource efficient.

Facility Managers, Service Providers, Designers, Consultants, etc. can adopt DfM components of the Guides based on their needs and requirements for designs of their buildings. Through adoption and use of DfM Guides, industry stakeholders can achieve effective cost savings related to manpower, maintenance and efficient downstream environmental services operations. Some ES design considerations include provision of access for cleaning equipment and waste collection vehicles, use of right material and finishes to minimise cleaning requirement and pest infestation, better building designs to facilitate downstream ES operations, and building provision for future technology adoption etc.

The DfM Guides, customised to different building types - 1) Residential, 2) Non-Residential, and 3) Municipal Infrastructure are available for download at BCA’s website here.