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Raising Industry Standards to Optimise Resources for Operational Resilience

About the Initiative

Standards relating to the Environmental Services industry are developed and reviewed by the Singapore Standards Council, overseen by Enterprise Singapore, through the Singapore Standardisation Programme.

Through the adoption and use of these standards, companies and organisations in the Environmental Services industry can enhance the quality of their products and services, improve operational efficiency, raise productivity and safety of their workforce, facilitate innovation, and export their products and services to new markets abroad more easily.

NEA is also working with stakeholders under the Singapore Standardisation Programme to participate in the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Technical Committees on Waste Collection and Transportation Management, Solid Recovered Materials, including Solid Recovered Fuels and Circular Economy. Singapore’s participation in the development of international standards for sectors in the Environmental Services industry contributes to the exchange of global best practices and establishes Singapore’s status as a hub for standards and conformance.

NEA will continue to work with its stakeholders to encourage adoption of local and international standards through Singapore's standardisation and accreditation programmes. Click on the link below to learn about Singapore's Standardisation Programme and commenting on draft standards.

A list of Singapore Standards relevant to the Environmental Services industry (non-exhaustive) can be found here

Interested companies and organisations can purchase a copy of these standards at the Please key in the Standards number when searching the list of published Singapore Standards.