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Regulatory Sandbox

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The environmental services landscape is fast evolving, with emerging and disruptive technologies and business models that have the potential to reshape economies and industries. In circumstances where it is less clear whether a new technology/solution complies with the legal and regulatory requirements, some companies may err on the side of caution and choose not to implement it. Promising innovations may be stifled and may result in missed opportunities. A responsive and forward-looking regulatory approach is necessary to enable promising innovations to develop and flourish.

In this regard, the establishment of a regulatory sandbox, will create an environment for experimentation where regulations can be relaxed within parameters, to promote innovation in Singapore’s environmental services industry. It also allows the regulator to assess the impact of the new technology/solution before deciding on the appropriate regulatory adjustments. 

About the Sandbox

Interested party/parties can apply to enter the Sandbox to experiment innovative environmental services related technologies and solutions in a controlled environment within a fixed duration, without compromising environmental, public health and safety aspects. 

The Sandbox would be deployed and operated by the Applicant, with NEA providing the appropriate regulatory support by relaxing specific legal and regulatory requirements prescribed by NEA, which the Applicant would otherwise be subject to, for the duration of the Sandbox.

Upon the completion or expiry of the Sandbox, the Applicant must fully comply with the prevailing and relevant legal and regulatory requirements.

The sandbox guidelines set out the objectives and principles of the sandbox, and provide guidance to the applicant on the application process and the information to be furnished to NEA.

Should you have any queries regarding the sandbox, please email NEA at

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