NEA-Industry Scholarship

Mr Danish Sirhan B Zulkifli

NEA-Industry Scholar_Danish

School of Study: Institute of Technical Education

Nitec in Mechanical Technology

Sponsor: RS Facilties Services Pte Ltd

On scholarship opportunities...

“It is a great honour to receive the NEA-Industry scholarship. The award will motivate me to achieve new milestones. I am eager to see what lies ahead of me with RS Facilities Services.”

Clean and organised

Being clean and organised are the common traits my family and friends would associate me with when asked about my personality. Not only does keeping ourselves clean and tidy prevent and/or reduce the spread of diseases and infections, I believe that maintaining a clean environment improves the citizens’ well-being. This is especially so in a pandemic situation.  

Since I was a child, I would observe howmy father  fixes furnitures and equipment with curiousity. Through lending a hand, my interests grew in how things were fixed and constructed. Since then, I have always enjoyed hands-on work, and it led to my eventual study of Mechancial Technology in ITE College East.


Making cleaning enjoyable

Cleaning has always been seen as  laborious work. At home, I enjoy cleaning and keeping a conducive place for study and play. However, it can be tiring even at the household level. When I encountered the elderly cleaners in my school campus, I knew that their jobs were physically demanding for them given their age. Through my internship at RS Facilities Services Pte Ltd, I learnt about using robots and machines for cleaning. I hope to be able to apply my engineering knowledge and explore the applications of technology during my bond with the sponsoring company.