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The Closing the Waste Loop (CTWL) Funding initiative is an R&D programme that was announced in December 2017, along with the Environmental Services Industry Transformation Map. It will support Singapore’s efforts in working towards the Sustainable Singapore Blueprint’s vision of zero waste nation. The initiative is to encourage collaborations with institutes of higher learning, research institutes and private sector partners, to develop technologies and solutions to tackle challenges posed by increasing waste generation, scarcity of resources and land constraints for waste management. The initiative will focus on thematic areas, covering: (1) resource and value recovery from key waste streams, e.g. plastics, food, electrical and electronic products; (2) diversion of ash and residues to conserve landfill space; (3) environmental remediation of closed dumping ground and landfill; and (4) data and analytic driven waste management solutions.

In this manner, the programme supports a growing ecosystem of companies and researchers to build up technological competencies and undertake R&D in environment technology research.

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The commitment period for Closing the Waste Loop Initiative has ended. Please refer to Closing the Resource Loop Funding Initiative.

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The Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) have collaborated to set up the NTU Singapore-CEA Alliance for Research in Circular Economy (SCARCE) under the auspices of the France-Singapore Year of Innovation 2018. Dr Amy Khor, SMS(SE) officiated the inauguration of the SCARCE lab on 13 Mar 2019.

NEA has committed $12.5 million from the Closing the Waste Loop R&D Initiative to SCARCE to undertake R&D projects in the management and recycling of e-waste.

SCARCE pic 1

SCARCE aims to develop innovative and environment-friendly solutions for the treatment, resource and value extraction of challenging e-waste streams to support Singapore’s long-term vision of towards a zero waste nation.

Four key Research Thrusts (RTs) cover:

RT1: Recycling of Lithium Ion Batteries

RT2: Recycling of Silicon Solar Panels

RT3: Recycling and recovery of valuable metals from Printed Circuit Boards

RT4: Detoxification and recycling of toxic plastics in E-waste

For more information, you could refer to the SCARCE homepage by clicking here.


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