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The Closing the Resource Loop (CTRL) Funding Initiative will support research and development (R&D) on sustainable resource recovery solutions for key waste streams such as e-waste, plastics and food, and finding useful and safe applications for treated waste residues. CTRL will contribute to our efforts towards meeting the Singapore Green Plan targets and to pursue a circular economy approach under the Zero Waste Masterplan to achieve a sustainable, resource-efficient, and climate-resilient Singapore.

The main objectives1 for the CTRL Funding Initiative are as follows:

a. Increase resource recovery: To achieve 70 per cent overall recycling rate by 2030;

b. Increase landfill lifespan: To reduce the daily per-capita amount of waste sent to landfill by 20 per cent by 2026, and 30 per cent by 2030, thereby extending the lifespan of Semakau Landfill beyond 2035; and

c. Promote environmental sustainability: To develop sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions, that are adopted and commercialised.

Additional goals for the CTRL Funding Initiative include raising digitalisation and automation, as well as mitigating carbon emissions.

1 These objectives are to be achieved together with policy interventions and industry adoption

Research Areas

There are three broad R&D tracks under CTRL Funding Initiative:

a. Resource Recovery: Treatment and recovery of resources from three key waste streams: e-waste, 
    plastic waste, and food waste, as well as other waste streams such as paper, horticulture, and wood 
    generated in large quantities;

b. Residues as Resources: Treatment of residue streams, e.g., incineration bottom ash, incineration fly 
    ash, non-incinerable waste and mixed materials that can be recovered from Semakau Landfill and 
    their safe applications of these treated materials (e.g., non-structural concrete, caisson infill, sea 
    embankment and land reclamation); and

c. Rethinking Energy from Waste: Novel solutions to maximise energy and resource recovery and 
    minimise carbon footprint.

Current Grant Calls

There is currently no open grant call.

Past Grant Calls

Request For Proposals (RFP) on the following desired outcomes

  • Desired Outcome A: Treatment and resource recovery of mixed plastic wastes not covered under NEA's mechanical and chemical recycling plans and 
  • Desired Outcome B: Address emerging packaging trends to develop sustainable plastic food packaging materials that utilise recycled plastic materials and are easy to recycle
Research Area Beyond incineration: Plastic waste recycling and packaging solutions

Publication Date Wed, 18 Oct 2023, 11am
Closing Date and Time Wed, 31 Jan 2024, 11am
Status Proposals under evaluation

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