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Call For Ideas Fund

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Call for Ideas Fund

In 2022, Singapore generated about 7.39 million tonnes of solid waste. This is approximately a 6.4 per cent increase than in 2021. Singapore's environmental challenge remains pressing. Each of us can play a part to adopt and champion a zero waste lifestyle.

The Call for Ideas Fund aims to help applicants kickstart projects that seek to resolve an environmental challenge in the local community. These projects should seek to encourage the community to make environmentally responsible choices through outreach and education efforts.

Each successful project may receive up to $20,000 or 80% of total supportable costs, whichever is lower.

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to a pitching session.


Your project must meet the following criteria:

  • Engages the general public
  • Includes educational and/or outreach efforts
  • Must not generate net profits
  • Addresses any one of these four Ideation Statements:

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Note: Project partners are not required but highly encouraged.

Ideation Guidelines:

Consider these when formulating your project:

  • Does it nudge the community to adopt environmentally conscious behavior?
  • Does it have educational value?
  • Is it innovative?
  • Does it facilitate collaboration?

  • Who can apply?

    • Singaporeans / PRs and Singapore-registered organisations
    • Individuals, interest groups and organisations
    Note: Public agencies are not eligible to apply

    Application flow

    1. Application  

    Documents required:

    • Project proposal and KPIs
    • Project cost breakdown
    Submit your application online via the OurSG Grants portal.

    Note: Projects that have started or are completed will not be considered.

    2. Evaluation and Approval

    NEA Grant officers will be in touch with you if clarifications are required.

    3. Upfront and/or Mid-way Disbursement

    Upon receipt of Letter of Offer, the following documents are required:

    • Letter of Acceptance
    • Disbursement Request Form
    • Documentation of KPI achievement (Only for Mid-way Disbursement)
    • Direct Credit Authorisation Form

    4. Project Audit

    Documents required:

    • Statement of Accounts
    • Original / scanned itemised invoices or receipts
    • Documentation of KPI achievement

    5. Final Disbursement

    NEA Grant officers will be in touch with you to finalise the disbursement.


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    Supportable costs

    Supportable Cost Items Non-supportable Cost Items 
    •  Consultancy fees (e.g. engagement of professionals and vendors — events company, web designers, facilitators, consultants, publishers, performers, trainers)
    •  Prizes
    •  Educational materials
    •  Honorarium / Speaker’s fees

      (Note: This is different from workshop facilitation fees, which is classified under consultancy fees.)
    •  Publicity and marketing materials
    •  Overseas or foreign visitor fees (e.g. accommodation, transport, food)
    •  Event logistics and transportation
    •  Manpower fees
    •  Collaterals for outreach purpose
    • Commercialisation costs (e.g. for mobile applications)
    •  Volunteer recognition and appreciation (e.g. meals)
    •  Equipment and tools necessary for the outreach (capped at S$2,000)
    • Application development (includes research and requirement study, design and conceptualisation, prototype development, testing and commissioning, and maintenance costs)
    • Venue rental 
    • Advertising and marketing costs (e.g. media buys) 

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    Past projects

    View some of our past grant recipients' projects below:

    By: Preschool Market

    Preschool Market is a social enterprise supporting the preschools' community and practitioners through meaningful projects and engagements. Their projects and engagements aim to promote quality education and to build sustainable cities and communities. Upcycle123 is a project showcase and sharing on methods to create upcycled items, as well as development of step-by-step guides on how to create them. These guides are then published on their website as resources for practitioners and public education.

    psm-2 psm-1

    By: Ms Tay Wee Leng

    Upcircle is a mobile app platform that enables crowdsourcing through a kickstarter-like marketplace. Users can discover projects that reuse, repurpose, recycle and upcycle, contribute items required by these projects or publish projects of their own. Upcircle also helps businesses publish initiatives and engage their consumers through resource circularity.

    Upcircle App - 1 Upcircle App - 2 Upcircle App - 3

    By: National University of Singapore 

    Aspiring to become a zero-waste establishment by 2030, NUS seeks to make waste-sorting into various recycling streams a social norm for students, staff and visitors. It targets to raise campus recycling rates to near 60% and make the adoption of reusables for takeaways and sharing of pre-loved items a way of life.

    NUS Zero Waste Campus Action Plan - event launch and presenters NUS zero waste campus Action plan - Dr Amy Khor (GOH) at the launch NUS Zero Waste Campus Action plan - Targets

    By: treatsure

    treatsure is an app targeted at everyday consumers, encouraging them to reduce food wastage and adopt sustainable choices. Users can select and takeaway food from buffet lines of treatsure's hotel partners in the last 30-60 min of meal timings, or shop for surplus and sustainable grocery products on the app. treatsure also operates a surplus grocery concept store at Oxley Tower in the CBD for walk-ins and pickups.


    treatsure display rack entrance treatsure grocery delivery treatsure box


    Download and view the Call for Ideas Fund FAQs.

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    Further information


    Download the NEA CIF e-Brochure for more information.

    Contact Details

    For enquiries, please contact us at 

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