List of Wastes

Annex IX


Annex IX


Wastes placed on Annex IX will not be wastes covered by Article 1, paragraph 1(a) of the Basel Convention unless they contain Annex I material to an extent causing them to exhibit an Annex III characteristic

[B1] Metal and metal bearing wastes

[B2] Wastes containing principally inorganic constituents, which may contains metals and organic materials

[B3] Wastes containing principally organic constituents, which may contains metals and inorganic materials

[B4] Wastes which may contain either inorganic or organic constituents



8 Note that even where low level contamination with Annex I materials initially exists, subsequent process, including recycling processes, may result in separate fractions containing significantly enhanced concentrations of those Annex I materials.

9 The status of zinc ash is currently under review and there is a recommendation with UNCTAD that zinc ashes should not be dangerous goods.

10This entry does not include scrap from electrical power generation.

11Re-use can include repair, refurbishment or upgrading, but not major reassembly.

12In some countries these materials destined for direct re-use are not considered wastes

13The concentration level of Benzol(a)pyrene should not be 50mg/kg or more.

14Such scraps are understood to be completely polymerised

15- Post consumer wastes are excluded from this entry

- Wastes shall not be mixed

- Problems arising from open-burning practices to be considered