National Voluntary Partnership for E-Waste Recycling

With effect from 1 July 2021, the management of regulated consumer e-waste (e.g. Information and Communications Technology (ICT) equipment, large appliances, batteries, lamps and solar photovoltaic panels) comes under the Extended Producer Responsibility system (please refer to Table A under “Regulated Electrical and Electronic Product” here).

The National Voluntary Partnership (NVP) will continue to complement the EPR system to enhance the accessibility and convenience of recycling e-waste, including small household appliances, electronic toys and other consumer electrical/electronic products. Under the NVP, industry partners are invited to spearhead e-waste recycling programmes to provide more convenient e-waste recycling avenues for the public.

Participation in this partnership is voluntary.


We are pleased to work with the following partners under the NVP.

E-Waste Recycling Service Providers

1. KGS Pte Ltd

2. Metalo International Pte Ltd

3. Virogreen (Singapore) Pte Ltd


More information on the regulatory approvals, licences and best practice certifications attained by these companies can be found here.

* Disclaimer: The list above is compiled to provide reference for the public to facilitate e-waste recycling in Singapore. Inclusion in this list does not constitute any licence, endorsement or recommendation by NEA. Please contact the companies directly for more information and/or queries.

Find out more about our partner programmes on e-waste recycling here.

Partner Roles and Responsibilities

NEA invites interested stakeholders from the e-waste value chain to become partners of the NVP. If your company falls under any of the following groups of stakeholders, you are welcome to apply to be a partner.

The descriptions and responsibilities of stakeholders under the partnership are outlined below:

Stakeholder group


Roles and Responsibilities

Producers/RetailersProducers (manufacturers, importers and suppliers) and  Retailers that place electrical and electronic products on the market. Producers and Retailers are encouraged to implement e-waste recycling programmes for the community, or to collaborate with other NVP partners on such programmes.
E-Waste Recycling Service Providers (Recycler/Collector) Recycling service providers include collectors and/or recyclers that collect, transport, sort, process, treat, recycle or otherwise handle e-waste. Recyclers have to be registered with the NEA and maintain a valid  Recycler registration status in order to be members of the partnership.

Why join the NVP? 

  • Be part of the ecosystem that promotes and facilitates e-waste recycling

  • Be recognised by NEA for your efforts through a Certificate of Partnership and a listing on the NVP webpage

Registration scheme for recycling service providers

The voluntary registration scheme for recyclers serves to recognise recyclers for their recycling standards and ensures proper recycling & resource recovery. Recyclers have to maintain a valid Recycler registration status in order to be members of the partnership.

How to Apply

To join the partnership, please download and fill in the relevant form(s) attached below.

E-mail a scanned copy of the form(s), together with any necessary supporting documents, to the partnership coordinators whose contact details are found below.

Producers/Companies National Voluntary Partnership for E-Waste Recycling - Application Form [DOCX, 50.23 KB]
E-Waste Recycling Service ProvidersNational Voluntary Partnership for E-Waste Recycling - Application Form [DOCX, 50.23 KB]
Registration Scheme for E-Waste Recycling Service Providers - Application Form [DOCX, 50.99 KB]

Partnership Coordinators 

Ms Loh Kang Li

Mr Heng Zhong