ESCO Accreditation


An Energy Services Company (ESCO) is a company dedicated to the provision of energy efficient technology and services including financing, design, implementation and management of projects.

The overall objective of accreditation is to enhance the professionalism and quality of services offered by ESCOs. This will enhance confidence in the energy services sector and help promote the growth of the industry. It is an important market development measure for Singapore. The accreditation scheme can lead to the following benefits:

  • Development of professional and qualified ESCOs and energy engineers;
  • Enhance the standing of ESCOs, and in particular energy auditing services;
  • Support services procurement and selection procedures;
  • Support public sector incentive schemes in the promotion of energy efficiency; and
  • Reduce false claims amongst industry players.

The accreditation is open to any company established in Singapore who wishes to be accredited in the provision of energy auditing services and implementation of energy efficiency and conservation projects for buildings and facilities.

Accreditation is differentiated according to the level of experience of the ESCO and the types of systems expertise the ESCO possesses.

ESCO Accreditation Committee Members


Eligibility Criteria

A) Full Accreditation (for existing ESCOs which have been in operation for at least 3 years)

To be eligible for full accreditation, the ESCO must:

  • Be registered in Singapore;
  • Has under its full-time employment a minimum of one Energy Efficiency Opportunities (EEO) Assessor, to carry out and oversee energy audits and implementation of projects;
  • Has undertaken a minimum of six detailed energy audits and two implementation projects within the past three years. To encourage ESCOs to take on projects in the industrial sector, 1 industrial sector audit/project would be considered equivalent to 2 audits/projects. This excludes industrial systems that are common to commercial sector (e.g. chilled water system for space cooling). The ESCOs may only use a maximum of 2 industrial sector audits/projects to reduce the number of audits/projects required; and
  • Has access to calibrated equipment/ instruments to carry out energy audit.

An ESCO may be fully accredited for up to 3 years, whereupon a renewal shall be sought.

B) Provisional Accreditation (for newly formed ESCOs which have been in operation for less than 3 years)

To be eligible for provisional accreditation, the ESCO must:

  • Be registered in Singapore;
  • Has under its full-time employment a minimum of one EEO Assessor to carry out and oversee energy audit and implementation of projects; and
  • Has access to calibrated equipment/ instruments to carry out energy audit.

A newly formed ESCO may be provisionally accredited for 18 months up to a maximum period of three years, whereupon full accreditation shall be sought.  

Accredited ESCOs

Please click here for the list of accredited ESCOs.

Application, Feedback and Enquiries

Formal applications must be made using the prescribed Application Form and email to Applicants are advised to read the Application Guidelines thoroughly before completing the Application Form.

Please note that applications are evaluated and approved by the Accreditation Committee quarterly. Applicants are expected to submit the new/renewal application forms and all required documents by the end of the 1st month of the quarter, in order to be considered for approval by that quarter.

Application CycleSubmission DeadlineNotification of Approval
 First quarter 31 January End March
 Second quarter 30 April End June
 Third quarter 31 July End September
 Fourth quarter 31 October End December

For feedback and enquiries, please email to